Monday, June 9, 2008

June 2 - 8 (14:46)

Mon (1:38)
am (1:18) Crosslites1. Easy run on North Trail to Sandpit. Felt very good. ITB doing very well. A little tight at times, but pleased after yesterday's run. Legs a little sore from all the short steep climbs.
pm (:20) ZoomXC. Easy run on home trails.

Tue (1:51)
am (:45) CL2. Ran K&P trail from Sydenham Road past Jackson Mills Road and back. Felt good. Was weird trying to get past a backhoe on a trail. Doing some heavy maintenance on the Kingston end of the trail.
pm (1:06) Slingshots. Good workout on Cat Trail East. Included 30minute tempo run in the middle at 160-170bpm for most of it. 3:50-4:00/km. Started off steady and eased into it. Felt pretty good.

Wed (2:02)
am (1:42) CL1. A little tired and sore from tempo yesterday, but ok once I got going. Ran Cat Trail W to Camden East and back. ITBfeels great. Very pleased after yesterday.
pm (:20) GazelleCC. Easy on home trails.

Thu (2:03)
am (1:10) CL1. Ran north trail to Sandpit. Felt really good and was wanting to keep going, but planning to do intervals tonight. Very hot and humid out though. Summer is finally here.
pm (:53) Fireblades. Did something to my foot today at home (?). Strange. Was totally fine during a.m. run, but plantar fascia started hurting this afternoon. Just ran easy on Cat trail in Newburgh instead of intervals. Extra support of Fireblades helped.

Fri (1:10)
am (0)
pm (1:10) FB. Foot felt much better tonight. Ran easy on north trail to Sandpit.

Sat (2:02)
am (1:15) GCC. Ran north trail with Sara, then added on home trail. Foot felt much better. Feeling back to normal. Very hot and humid though.
pm: (:47) GCC. Cat W trail. Very hot. Nice and relaxed. Felt pretty good.

Sun (4:00)
pm (4:00) CL2. Hottest day of the year so far. 31C and high humidity. Good heat training. Ran at Frontenac Park. Some good tree cover and a breeze made it bearable in places. Ran first 3 hrs with Sara, from Trail Centre, Arkon trail clockwise, then along Birch Lake over to Little Clear Lake Loop and back along Big Salmon north to Trail Centre. Added on Doe Lake and Gorge Trail (x2) to get in 4hrs. Was pretty hot, but felt like I handled it pretty well. Drink 3 litres during run. Half water, other half Gu powder. Used Steripen to treat lake water. Nice to not have to carry a lot all at once. Didn't have any gels, so ate a First Endurance bar after 2hrs and 3 Clif Blocks after 3 hrs. Legs and feet felt very good.

Total for Week = 14:46

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