Monday, June 23, 2008

June 16 - 22 (15:30)

Mon (2:44)
am (1:34) Crosslites1. Ran Cataraqui Trail W, DND trails to airfield and back. Felt pretty good. Legs a little tired from rugged trails yesterday.
pm (1:10) CL1. Cat trail W to Newburgh. 30' tempo. Felt strong.

Tue (2:52)
am (1:37) Raceblades. Sara dropped me off on Hwy #38/Burr Brook Rd and ran K&P trail/Rideau Trail, KPH and waterfront to Kingston. Great run.
pm (1:15) CL2. North trail to Sandpit. Nice and cool evening.

Wed (1:36)
am (1:15) Fireblades. Recovery day. Good thing as didn't get much sleep last night. Jesse Dawg was barking and growling all night. Heard wolves pretty close or may have been a bear near the dogyard. Felt good physically, just tired.
pm (:21) FiveFingers. Easy run on home trails.

Thu (4:44)
am (4:44) CL2. Ran from home to Kingston. Took Cataraqui Trail to Sydenham, roads (George, Stage Coach, Campbell, Murvale, Scanlon) to K&P Trail, Rideau Trail to King St and ended at Queen's. Felt pretty good. A little tired from 3:30-4, but finished strong and could have kept going. Probably could have used more fuel. Ran with Spin hydration pack.

Fri (2:14)
am (1:17) GazelleCC/barefoot. Easy at Lemoines. Felt surprisingly good after first 10', and ran at a decent pace. Beautiful morning. Ran last 12' barefoot on grass.
pm (:57) GCC. At Lemoines again with Sara. Felt great.

Sat (:59)
pm (:59) CL1. Easy at Charleston Lake Provincial Park. Nice out and back with Sara on East trail. Felt pretty good.

Sun (:21)
pm (:21) FF. Easy on home trails. Sick. Feeling pretty tired and weak.

Week Total = 15:30
~ Great early week of training and felt really good. Started feeling a little rough on the weekend and came down sick. Going to take it easy and hope to recover quickly.

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