Monday, May 26, 2008

May 19 - 25 (6:23)

Mon (:42)
pm (:42) Crosslite1. Easy run on Cat Trail from Newburgh with Sara. Felt pretty good and rested. IT band still sore from rolling ankle and compensating on Sat. Could also be a little from mile repeats last week too? (stupid). Left foot 4th metatarsal a little sore from roll too.

Tue (:20)
pm (:20) Raceblades. Easy on Cat E. Left IT band sore. Foot sore when I put on my shoes, but then ok once running. Taper madness setting in.

Wed (:46)
pm (:46) CL2. Cat trail W. Easy - steady. Left ITB still a little tight.

Thu (:20)
pm (:20) RB. Easy on Cat E. ITB still tight but seemed to loosen up a little.

Fri (:30)
am (:30) CL2. Easy run to Bridge. ITB felt pretty good today. Seemed better than it has been. Foot ok too.

Sat (3:23)
am (3:23) CL2. Sulphur Springs. DNF at 25miles. Started out fairly comfortably. ITB seemed to loosen up and wasn't noticable, but then it started to stiffen gradually and at 2 hrs was pretty painful. Hip began to seize up from this too. Felt pretty good otherwise to this point, other than quads a little stiff. Knew it was going to keep gradually getting worse, so decided to stop after 2 loops. A little frustrated as I think ITB would have been much better with just a few more days of easy running. Foot was good. Sara got turned around and went off course in the 25km and didn't finish either. Tough day for our house. Adam Hill looked good and won 50miler in 6:30.

Sun (:22)
pm (:22) CL1. Easy on home grass trails. Quads a little stiff. ITB good at the start, but stiffened up. Foot was sore when I put shoes on, but fine when running. Strange about foot as I realized when I press underneath outside of ankle that it sends a nerve spasm down to my 4th toe. Really strange.

Week total = 6:23
~ Not exactly the way I wanted the week to finish. Look forward to healing and getting back at it. I think ITB will turn around pretty quickly and should be back to hard training before too long. Just unsure what to focus on now. Was hoping the outcome would have told me what to train for next, but didn't tell me anything.

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