Sunday, May 4, 2008

April 28 - May 4 (16:02)

am (:30) Raceblades. Easy run to bridge.
pm (:45) Crosslites. Paudyn Loop. Feeling better each day.

am (:45) CL. Easy-steady run at Lemoine Point. Beautiful morning.
pm (1:03) CL. Great run at Little Cat w/Sara. Feels good to be back running more. Starving though. Polished off an entire med pizza myself at Pizza Hut after!

am (1:30) CL. Steady on Cat W trail to Avenstone. Steady run, just short of tempo pace for middle 30'. Weird weather. Sunny at start, blizzard conditions for tempo portion, then sunny again at the end. Fun! Felt pretty good.
pm (:30) RB. Easy run to bridge. Legs a little tired tonight.

am (1:23) RB. Great run. Felt really good. Nice and cool morning. Ran the Sandpit loop + Paudyns. Had a hard time holding back. Nice to be feeling back to normal.
pm (:48) Fireblades. Easy with Sara on Sandpit loop from Yarker.

am (1:30) RB. Sandpit, Colebrooke and Paudyn trails. Cold rain, but felt good. Pretty sure I scared up a blackbear. Very sure I smelled one.
pm (:40) FB. Hare trail with Sara and Meela. Meela came close to yet another porcupine encounter.

am (1:00) CL. Cat Trail W with Sara.
pm (:38) Nike Free's. North Trail easy with Sara.

pm (5:00) CL. Great run at Frontenac Park. Nice cool day. Ran Big Salmon Loop, Arkon, Doe, then 2x Arab Gorge to get in 5hrs. Ran with Sara on Big Salmon. Felt good. Well fueled. Just crazy to think that being out there for this long on a beautiful day and didn't see another person on the trail! 6 deer, blue heron, 2 porcupines (including a baby one....amazing they can be so pointy, but so cute). Always a good run when you see more wildlife than people.

Weekly total = 16:02
~ Great week back after being sick. Off antibiotics now. Still have a bit of a cough, but feeling good. Felt good to get a strong long run in and was a good test before Sulphur. Feel comfortable registering for the 50miler now.

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