Monday, May 12, 2008

May 5 - 11 (17:43)

Mon (2:02)
am (1:20) Raceblades. Ran Cataraqui trail West to grass hill. Legs a little tired from long run yesterday, but felt good.
pm (:42) Fireblades. Hare Trail East loop w/ Sara. Took it easy. Legs pretty sore tonight.

Tue (2:15)
am (1:13) Crosslites2. K&P trail from Binnington. Was a little annoying as I couldn't find the trailhead from the 'official' start point, so ran back to Sir John A to use grass trail I used in the winter. Legs still a little sore at first, but loosened up quickly. Beautiful morning.
pm (1:12) Wave Riders. 30 ' Tempo run. Gould Lake. Warmed up from Bedford Road on Wagon Trail to Barn, then rolling 30 minute (29:45 to starting point) tempo on Gould Lake Road (loose gravel) to top of Steep hill and back. Cooldown out Wagon trail. Quads still pretty sore from Sunday. Downhills were tough, so just took it steady. Looking forward to doing same route again on fresher legs.

Wed (2:41)
am (2:02) CL1. Cat E to Hare trail, East Hare Loop, then back the same. Quads still a little sore, but loosened up during the run.
pm (:39) Skylites. Hare trail east with Sara. Skylites felt great. Same fit as Crosslites, but lighter, closer to the ground, great grip on wet rock and a little more flexible.

Thu (2:36)
am (1:20) SL. Cat trail E to grass hill. Felt good. Legs feel well recovered now. Left foot a little sore from gravel road tempo the other day, but not bad.
pm (1:16) SL. 5 x 5 mins hard w/2 min jog recovery on Cat trail E. Felt pretty good. Not much speed, but feel strong.

Fri (2:02)
am (1:21) RB. Sandpit and Paudyn trail loops. Beautiful morning. Foot feeling better today. Legs good after workout last night. Quads a little sore, but not bad.
pm (:41) FB. Hunt club trails from Camden East. Nice and easy. Felt good.

Sat (2:00)
am (1:13) RB. Colebrooke and Paudyn trail loops. Legs felt much more recovered today and wanted to run more, but felt I needed to keep it light.
pm (:47) FB. Easy run with Sara on Hare trail East. Beautiful day out.

Sun (4:07)
pm (4:07) RB. Frontenac Park from Big Salmon Parking lot. North shore to Little Clear, Moulton Gorge, Birch Lake, Arkon loop, Big Salmon Parking, then Corridor South and Doe Lake Loop. Good run. With Sara for first 3 hrs. A little more tired than last week. Didn't fuel as well. Legs felt good though.

Week Ending = 17:43
~ Cut back a little next week and then taper into Sulphur.

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