Sunday, May 18, 2008

May 12 - 18 (11:14)

Mon (1:50)
am (1:12) Crosslite1. Colebrooke and Paudyn loops. Legs felt surprisingly good after long run yesterday. Didn't get much sleep either as took Brennan to DOA concert. Good show.
pm (:38) Skylites. Hare East trail. Felt pretty good. Wanted to go longer and harder, but taking a recovery day.

Tue (:41)
am (0) Recovery day. Also drove to Ottawa for a meeting.
pm (:41) SL. Nice relaxed run with Sara on Hare trail E. Legs feel very spry.

Wed (2:23)
am (1:47) CL2. Nice run. Cat West to Varty Lake West trail. Went as far as I could until flooded out. Steady. Didn't eat enough yesterday and felt a little flat by the end today.
pm (:36) SL. Easy run with Sara on Hare trail E.

Thu (2:15)
am (:55) CL1. Little Cat Loop. Saw a mother fox feeding her 5 pups just as I was finishing. Very cute. The mother ran to the tree line and the five pups just watched me until I left.
pm (1:20) SL. Interval workout at Lemoines using mile cutoff loop for repeats. 5x mile in 5:52, 5:41, 5:40, 5:38, 5:38 w/2:30 jog recovery. A couple of hills on loop. Pleased with effort. Felt smooth.

Fri (1:10)
am (1:10) CL2. Ran in Kingston. Division St to Rideau Trail and along grass on Waterfront. Felt a little tired from last night, but pretty good.
pm (0)

Sat (:55)
am (:55) CL2. Easy-Steady on Paudyn Loop. Felt very good. Rolled left ankle.
pm (0)

Sun (2:00)
pm (2:00) CL2. Easy with Sara on Hare E for first 45', then Cat W to Sandpit loop. Felt a little flat but ok. Left knee a little sore from turning ankle yesterday.

Weekly total = 11:14

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