Sunday, April 27, 2008

April 21 - 27 (6:06)

am (:40) Crosslites. Feeling like I might just live. Still pretty congested and weak, but took it very easy on Cat W trail and felt ok. Achy at night.

am (:32) Slingshots. Feeling a little better today. Ran Colebrooke trail loop from N. Trail. Sinuses are the worst now.
pm (:43) CL. Colebrooke trail plus add-on. Feeling better tonight. Hope to do more tomorrow.

am (:42) Fireblades. Ran Paudyn and Colebrooke Trails. Didn't feel too bad. Sinuses still bad.
pm (:45) Raceblades. Paudyn and Colebrooke again with Sara. Felt a little better.

pm (:20) CL. Easy on North trail. Felt pretty rough last night with a fever again. Went to doctor today for sinus infection. Put me on antibiotics for 10days.

pm (:30) FB. Easy on Cat W tr with Sara and Jesse. Feeling a little better. Still a bit weak and achy.

pm (:52) CL. Easy on North Trail and Paudyn E. Feeling much better today. Legs a little tired and sore, but feels good to be doing more.

pm (1:02) CL. Easy on North Trail, Paudyn and Colebrooke. Felt pretty good today. Coughing quite a bit, but more energy.

Week Total = 6:06
~ Starting to feel quite a bit better after getting on antibiotics for sinus infection. Will gradually increase next week and hope to be back to normal training by next weekend.

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