Monday, July 19, 2010

Sounds of Yarker

Even though I’m in full-on rest and rehab mode while waiting for my knee and achilles to heal a bit more, it was still a nice weekend in the wilds of Freeman Road.

As I’ve mentioned before, we tend to spend a lot of time hanging out in our backyard with the dogs, quite often by campfire. Saturday night seemed like just another one of those nights. We had a great dinner of STP (Sweet Tater Peppers) over the open flame, and generally just enjoyed relaxing with the temperature being a little cooler than recently. Nothing but the bright, starlit sky and the peaceful sound of birds, coyotes and really bad wedding music.

Huh??? WTF? We live on a pretty secluded dirt road and very rarely hear much noise. Therefore, we were surprised to hear the PA system of a wedding dance blaring through our quiet night. Apparently there must have been an outdoor wedding and reception in nearby Colebrooke and the direction of the wind had the music selection coming through loud and clear to our normally tranquil backyard setting.

What can you do? At first we were annoyed that our little bit of paradise was spoiled by the sounds of some really bad wedding music, but then it became rather fun and we got into the celebration, unbeknownst to the bride, groom and anyone else who was there for that matter.

Have you ever noticed that at a wedding you always hear the exact same songs? Which is to say a very brutal selection of the worst of the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s pop music. Yes, that is way too much Abba, Kenny Loggins, Bob Segger, and company all wrapped into one big Cheesefest of every other bad song you could ever imagine. We had fun with it though and made a game out of guessing what would be the next bad song that was going to be played. This wasn’t our normal way of spending an evening, but surprisingly we almost made it to the end of the reception. Our dogs didn’t seem to share in our enjoyment though and I think just wanted to go to sleep. Apparently they have different tastes in music than we do. :)

The backyard meadow (note our 1km barefoot grass trail is out there, but just a little hidden)...

Training Summary:
My running this past week has been reduced to let my knee and achilles get stronger. The shockwave therapy from last week had my achilles feeling better than it has in months. This is very encouraging as I think this has been part of the problem with my body compensating and contributing to the knee pain/tight psoas. My knee seems to be coming around nicely from all the stretching, rehab and rolling/sticking that I’ve been doing. I have a few more treatments of shockwave over the new 10days, but hope to be in a good place to kickoff our upcoming holidays in Colorado. Can’t wait.

Total # of hours last week: 5:33
Total # of hours this year: 303:44
Streak (# of consecutive days of running): 7,510
Training Details for the Week

For the record, the Ramones were not played at the outdoor wedding the other night.


  1. It was a fun trip down memory lane with lots of musical trivia.

    I could go for some more of those pepper pots.

  2. Are all of the dogs in the picture on Sara's blog yours?! that's a lot of dogs!

    (If I had the space I'd get more dogs too--for now, one is all I can handle! lol)

    Glad to hear that the achilles is feeling better.

  3. Thanks Holly. Yes, meet the cast of characters we call our pack. More dogs = more fun. We do some dogsledding too.

  4. first of all, LOVE the pic at the top of your blog. want to run there. and second, okay, shut up, i think i had THE SAME wedding playing over by my house!! it wasn't so bad when the guy was singing, but when the drunk girls tried their hand at it - argh !!! finally fell asleep to 'night moves . . . ' gag! and wtf - not one song by the pogues !

  5. Kendra, they must have been playing the same set of K-Tel records near your place :)

    The photo was on Giant Mountain in the Adirondacks. Just love it there. It is truly a trail running paradise. You can go and camp for free and run a bazillion mountain miles.

  6. Even on the stupid work computer, your blog loads really fast. Awesome! Like the background.

  7. Thanks. I found I had too many blogs on my blog list and it was taking forever to load, so had to remove it. Thankfully, I still get feeds from google reader so don't miss out on stuff :)