Monday, June 21, 2010

Anniversary Frolic and Feast

It was a nice weekend on Freeman Road!

The weekend was highlighted by our 5th anniversary. Sara and I celebrated by enjoying a 'fancy' dinner at home with my own invention called 'sweet tater peppers'. Very yummy if I do say so myself (recipe below). We also had a nice run at Frontenac Park running out to Little Clear Lake. The western tip of Little Clear is just beautiful and was certainly worth having to deal with the deer flies to get there. We actually did the loop and then added on to hit the nicest section a second time and treat water for the final half of our run. No better way to spend an afternoon with my best friend. Hard to believe it was only 5 years ago we were lacing them up for our Rideau Trail Fastpack. Love you S!

Also, a big thank you to Brennan and Heather who dropped off a very cool surprise Father's Day present and card while we were out. Sorry we missed you. Looking forward to next weekend!

Aside from the Yarker area, there were a couple of great races to follow online this weekend.…

The Mount Washington Road Race was held in New Hampshire and boasted a strong field of mountain runners. This 7.8 mile race that goes straight uphill includes an average grade of 11.5%, with the last 100 meters hitting over 30%. 4650 ft of elevation is gained as runners climb to the 6288 ft summit. Chris Seimers won the mens race 1:00:22, while Shewarge Amare won the women race in a new course record of 1:08:21. Top Canadian was veteran Canadian steeplechaser Joel Bourgeois finishing in a very solid 10th place in a time of 1:05:31. This may have been the fastest time and placing recorded by a Canadian in the 50 year history of the race. Sara and I ran Mt Washington in 2004 and would love to go back to it at some point. It’s just an amazing event.

Also taking place this weekend was the Bighorn 100. There was a deep field there as well with the top 5 finishers all having some great credentials to their names. The race was won by Mike Wolfe in 18:43 with Ashley Nordell winning the women’s race in 23:49. It was great seeing Yassine finish a very strong 4th overall. I met Yassine last year at Finger Lakes 50 where he was having some knee issues at the time. It's very inspiring to see him well past his injury and just tearing it up this year. I can only hope I can soon put some of my injury problems behind me as I move forward as well.

Recipe: Sweet Tater Peppers
- Red peppers cut in half
- Smashed sweet potatoes filled into red pepper
- Cheese
- Hot peppers
- Spice with Freeman spice
- Top with sprinkling of sunflower seeds
- Roast in over at ? degrees for ? minutes until peppers are soft. I guess you can tell that I'm not one for details while cooking, but that's the fun part :)

And finally, here is a video of my nephew Matt performing some CCR for a talent show. Great job Matt!

Training Summary (June 14-20):
A smattering of decent runs, recovery days and some injury flareups. Finished off with a nice 3hrs run at Frontenac with Sara. Knee and PF were much better than earlier in the week, but achilles continues to be a bit of an issue on the rolling hills and terrain. A few more light days and hopefully things will come around. Seeing Greg on Wednesday for some ART and acupuncture which should help improve things further. Also pampering with Tanda treatments and Zanagen, which has helped.
Total # of hours last week – 10:29
Total # of hours this year – 278:25
Streak – 7,482 days of running in a row
Training Details of the Week


  1. Happy Anniversary to you both. Amazing to see how much the Kids have changed in 5 years. You two look the same.
    Sounds like you had a great day together, as I am sure they all are.
    Hope things turn around this week with your achilles. Never fun.
    Peppers look amazing. How do you pre-cook the sweet potatoes. Would be great grilled on the bar-b.

  2. Happy belated anniversary to you both. Sounds like you had an amazing day. Couldn't happen to a nicer couple. Many, many more happy anniversaries.

  3. Thanks guys.

    Had thought about grilling them on the wood bbq, but we were too hungry ;) As for prepping the sweet taters?.....smash the hell out of them!!! :)

  4. but you have to cook the sweet taters before smashing the carp out of them. Micro or Boil?

  5. Oh gosh...guess it's whatever is easiest on that particular evening. I boiled prior to smashing, however I expect you could nuke 'em or even go with instant if you preferred (though that probably wouldn't be right) ;)

  6. 10-4 - Just wondering if there was another Spafford secret. What beverage is best served with the Peppers?

  7. Guinness is best served, though we settled for Upper Canada Dark.

  8. I'm late, but happy anniversary!

  9. I thought I posted... didn't work I guess.

    So Happy Anniversary guys! And happy father's day too!