Monday, July 26, 2010

Colorado Bound!

“I’m going out to Denver…”

It’s been a long time coming, but we’re finally heading to Colorado this week for holidays. Colorado has been on our wish list for a long time. The thought of seeing and running in some of the beautiful places that you read about in various magazines and on websites is very exciting.

Unfortunately, while my knee and achilles are improving a great deal, they are certainly not in the place where I’d ideally like them to be to be able to log some long runs in the mountains. I am actually surprisingly ok with this. While I really had hoped to get a few specific longer mountain runs in during our trip there, the goal all along has been to have a great time together with Sara, Brennan and Heather in this mountain playground. We have lots of fun things planned including staying at a glacier at 10,000ft, hiking various trails and mountains, and catching the Crankworx Mountain Bike Series. We are also going to use this opportunity to pop in and say hi to the wonderful folks at La Sportiva in Boulder. Should be a great trip!

As for my injury progress, this past week has continued to progress nicely. My knee is feeling quite structurally sound and my achilles has improved a great deal…while just still feeling a little weak. I have one more shockwave treatment tomorrow morning, followed by a few more light days, and then I can hopefully start increasing my volume and training harder again. Being patient will of course be very challenging considering that we will be in some of the most beautiful running terrain imaginable. The goal will have to be to keep busy with lots of other fun things to take my mind off of not being able to run as much as I’d like. This shouldn’t be a problem though.

Time for HOLLERDAZE!!!!

Oh, and one more I mentioned on my Twitter page, a huge congrats to SHA runner David B for his awesome race at Damn Wakely Dam 32.6mile self supported race. David finished 11th in a strong field. Look for a full report here soon.

Training Summary
Total # of hours last week: 3:37
Total # of hours this year: 307:21
Streak (# of consecutive days of running): 7,517
Training Details for the Week

Here is the best song about Colorado. A great Steve Earle cover of the classic Townes Van Zandt song...


  1. All of you have a great holiday. We will have fun and take good care of the pack.

  2. Have fun down there, Derrick and Sara! Colorado is a lovely place....almost as nice as Canada ;-)
    Say hi to Ian and Laura for me.

  3. Enjoy the break Derrick - Be patient with the injuries...the Colorado Rockies arent' going anywhere soon!

    How's the shockwave therapy working?

  4. Be sure to ping me while you are down here. And Steve Earle is good shit.

  5. Really looking forward to getting there. I'm sure Sara and I will be dying to get back there when healthy. Got the ok from physio to do a bit more now.

    I'm very impressed with shockwave and anyone who has had longterm issues with their achilles should really check it out. I've been extremely impressed with how it's responded and expect that as long as I'm smart with my buildup, that I will be in a much better place.

    Just emailed you actually. Not sure if I'd be able to run much with you as I'm just in jog-slow-on-the-flats mode right now. We'll see. I suppose I could always get a ride on Jack ;)

    Big Steve Earle fan. He's an honorary Canadian. Saw him last summer at a small local outdoor concert and he was amazing.

  6. Have an awesome vacation you guys. Enjoy jealous I'm not heading down there this year. Have a Blast!

  7. have fun derrick - be safe ! colorado is absolutely BEAUTIFUL !