Monday, May 31, 2010

Weekend Races

This past weekend featured a lot of great Canadian ultras and other races to follow.

I'd like to start out by saying a huge congratulations to SHA runners JD, Christy and Kim.

JD and Christy both ran extremely determined races in the heat at the Sulphur Springs 50miler, and finished strong. The conditions sounded pretty nasty, and there were many casualties along the way, but congrats to both for finishing on a tough day. This was Christy's first 50miler, so is always a special one to look back on. JD already has his race report on his blog, and hopefully Christy will put some words down on her blog at some point too.

Also, on a hot day at the NCM 10km in Ottawa, Kim was scheduled to run with her son Graham &/or pace her friend Brian. Turned out that neither one of these happened at the last second and Kim went on to run a very solid second half of the 10km and came within 30 seconds of breaking her 10km PB. Just goes to show you that you never know what can happen in a race.

Congrats again folks! You all ran awesome and did yourselves proud!

Elsewhere here are a few other results.

Sulphur Springs: Adam Hill came within a couple of minutes again of breaking the course record in the 50miler in 6:28, while rumour has it that Harvey Lewis broke the course record in the 100mile, though complete results haven't been posted yet. A huge congrats also to John for toughing it out and finishing his first 100miler, when many others would have DNF'd. (Next one will be that much easier John!)

Blackfoot 50km: Taylor Murphy won the 50km, while breaking the old course record by 11mins in a time of 3:32. Funny story in that apparently Blackfoot rules REQUIRE that runners must carry a waterbottle with them, even though there are 4 waterstations for every 25km loop. Depending on how fast you are running, it is entirely possible to not need to carry water with you during the race. This did not sit well with Taylor 'Fast Camel' Murphy as he was planning to just drink at the aid stations, and it's a well known fact that Taylor has an aversion to running with water. However, not wanting to risk a DQ, Taylor searched out a waterbottle at a friends stag the night before and wore it for the race. I'm sure that Adam is laughing to himself if he's reading this following his recent post about water needs.


Training Summary (May 24-30):
Nothing too exciting. A mix of a few decent days, a few recovery days and a nice long run with Sara at Frontenac Park. My knee continues to be a bit annoying, but on the whole it seems to be showing signs of improvement again.
Total # of hours last week – 11:37
Total # of hours this year – 240:47
Streak – 7,461 days of running in a row
Training Log Details for the Week


  1. Thanks Derrick, working on the ol' bloggo now :)

  2. 7461?! Are you serious? You've run everyday for over 20 years? You're my idol. How do run through vacations and stuff while in transit? In the airport.

    What's a run? Do you even include 20 minutes?

    That really is sooooo cool!

  3. Hey Tom,

    Thanks for stopping by. I enjoy your blog.

    The streak has sort of taken a bit of a life of it's own. I feel I can always squeeze in a run with a bit of planning and some luck.

    My daily average is pretty high right now since I'm doing ultras, but there are days (like after a 100miler) or if I'm really sick where I will drop down to my minimum of 20mins. I just love getting out there each day on the trails.

    Here is a short article I wrote about my streak after completing the first 20yrs...