Thursday, May 13, 2010

50km Progression Run

You don't always need a race to feel good about where you're at with your training. Today was one of those days. Here is my training log entry...
50km progression run in 4:20 from home to Kingston via Cat-Sydenham-K&P-Sunnyside-Little Cat. Awesome workout. Started off easy for the first 2hrs (mostly around/below 140bpm), then gradually picked it up. Felt great between 35-45km and did my hardest running there with a number of km's in 4:20-4:30 range. Pace then slowed down a bit on the rolling trails of Little Cat, but effort stayed the same. Great test to see where I'm at, especially since this was done on tired legs with having run 19hrs in the past 7 days with some decent quality. Ave HR = 143bpm. Ascent 958m/Descent 1026m, so a bit of a downhill on the point to point route says Mr. Garmin. Combination of railtrail, rolling grass trails and about 45mins total of road. Really felt good and in control.

While today's run certainly wasn't a race effort, it did feel really good and comfortable. Sometimes you learn as much from submaximal workouts as you do from race efforts.


  1. Okay, you have to find a race soon. Sounds like you are about to Bust! Nice run. See ya tomorrow, hopefully after a Bruins win tonight!