Saturday, March 6, 2010

Bugs Bunny

Okay, everyone knows that all of the great lessons in life can be learned from Bugs Bunny cartoons.

It's funny, we don't own a TV, and I don't think I really watched that much TV when I was younger, but I can still quote Bugs Bunny-isms with the best of them.

Often at our place, one of us will bring up a topic, and Brennan, Heather or I will immediately answer with a 'You wouldn't hit a bat with glasses now, would you?' or 'Abracapocus, Pocuscadabra, ...Walla, Walla, Washington'. By the way, Sara thinks we're all 'Looney'!

It seems as though the above video of Bugs Bunny in Transalvania 6-5000 has been awarded the #1 Bugs Bunny episode of all time in our house. Though, my personal favourite is probably still Hillbilly Hare, featuring this great squaredance.

So many great cartoons...thank Bugs for Youtube.


  1. you can't forget "my bunny lies over the sea" or "bugs bonnets", "hare-way to the stars", "the wearing of the grin", "robin hood daffy", or last but certainly not least: "the abominable snow rabbit"!!!!!!! those are probably all the best bugs bunny cartoons, up there with hilbilly hare and transylvania 6-5000. it is no question that we are all (except maybe Sara) bugs bunny experts!
    Heather Spafford

  2. i'm a fiddler crab! why don't you shoot me? it's fiddler crab season !!!!

  3. I need to fire up You Tube and get myself educated on this "Bugs" character! ;)

  4. Great list Heather and Kendra. All truly classics. I keep remembering others too.

    Sara definitely needs some additional Bugs therapy!

  5. yep, we keep on forgetting the famous hossinfeffer episode, and rabit fire too.

  6. Oh yeah.....'Cook, cook, where's my hossinfeffer?' 'If I didn't know this was hossinfeffer, I'd swear it was carrot'.