Friday, March 5, 2010

100 Fastest 100 mile races in 2009

Thanks to EJ for bringing this to my attention. I hadn't noticed that Ultrarunning Magazine had listed the 100 fastest 100 mile times in 2009 in North America. It's sort of fun going through the list, seeing what times were run on what courses and how your time compares to others.

My time at Haliburton 100 was listed as the 42nd fastest time, which is kind of cool. My friend Keith's time at Haliburton also made the top 100.

Of course with 100 mile trail races, there is a huge difference in times and how the different courses stack up compared to how technical the trail is and how much elevation change there is. There were people who probably ran slower times on more difficult courses than Haliburton, but also people who ran faster on easier courses. That's the beauty of trail and ultra running is that you never really know exactly how a specific race is going to play out and how you compare until race day.

Judging by the list, if you want to run a fast 100miler, the races to run seem to be Javelina Jundred, Umstead, Kettle Moraine and Rocky Raccoon.


  1. Congratulations from the two of us from Stonehaven.

  2. The list is also posted at

  3. Thanks firepotter. Yes, I saw it there too. Realendurance is a great resource for ultrarunning and I check it out often. I like that you have all performances listed there too, not just each runners fastest race. Keep up the great work!