Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Top 5 Christmas Songs of all time

Having worked a number of Christmas seasons in retail over the years, Christmas music was shoved down my throat very early in the season and most of it was really, really bad. It's not surprising that I have a particular distaste for most of what you hear on the radio or in stores.

I won't list my all-time LEAST favourite Christmas songs as there are far too many, however I do have a small favourite list of Christmas songs. All are original songs by these artists that you will very rarely hear in any store while Christmas shopping or on the radio.


#5. Christmas Lullaby by Shane MacGowan. Best known for another Christmas song with the Pogues, but this is worthy of a top 5 as well.

#4. Merry Christmas I don't wanna fight tonight by the Ramones. They've always had a sense of humour.

#3. Christmas in Prison by John Prine. "Turkeys and pistols carved out of wood" it.

#2. Christmas in Washington by Steve Earle. This is a duet that I just heard with Joan Beaz that I'd never heard before. Very haunting.

#1. Fairytale of New York by The Pogues. A brilliant timeless classic. The video below is great, but I also like this live version.

Thoughts?...have I left out any?


  1. How can a nature lover omit the Chipmunks? Shame.

    Here you go:

    But perhaps this belongs on your other list...

  2. The Vestibules: Christmas on Acid

    Seriously the BEST christmas song ever!

  3. I'm a loser and love most Christmas music, I'll give you John Prine because he is awesome and we have most of his stuff on vinyl....but the best is still The Carpenters Christmas album, and my favorite Disco Noel...I told you I was a loser...LOL Jenn :)

  4. Hmmm, interesting collection so far.

    Johnny???....the chipmunks? Yikes! Yup, makes the longer list.

    Keith, I'm intrigued by the Vestibules, but I think I now have a better understanding of what you were like in university.

    Jenn...Disco Noel? That's kinda plain wrong. Glad we can agree on John Prine though.

  5. When it comes to Christmas I am a huge Peanuts and Vince Guaraldi fan

    but there is always a place for Holly Cole

    see a bit of a jazz theme here.

  6. Peanuts could definitely be in the top 40, maybe the top 20 even. I did consider them when I was originally thinking of a longer list.

    As for Jazz, I have a confession to make in that I don't 'get' Jazz. It kinda gives me a headache and confuses me...just one step back of Johnny's chipmunks, but light years ahead of Jenn's Disco on the list:)