Tuesday, December 15, 2009


Tough night last night as we lost Cody. Very sudden. He was 13 and a half years old, but still behaved like a puppy at times. Definitely not expected.

I ran my first dogsled race a number of years ago in Eldorado with Cody in lead, and we have also raced together in Bancroft, Marmora, Kearney, Fort Kent Maine and Craftsbury Vermont.

Dispite his serious nature and being all business most of the time, Cody had a sense of humour as well. Once at Marmora, the conditions were very icy and the sled flipped on a corner. I hit a snowbank hard and couldn't hang on to the sled. Cody looked back at me and smiled as he picked up the pace and left me to run the mile to the turnaround point at the aid station where he was happily hanging out and rolling around in the snow.
While Cody hasn't raced in a few years now, he enjoyed his retirement and still had a good year of recreational dogsledding last winter.

Cody was a great lead dog and great friend, who will be missed by all of us in the pack.
Kearney Dogsled Race...

Fort Kent Maine...Hanging out after a game of hockey...


  1. Derrick were so very sorry to hear about Cody. Our thoughts are with you, Sara and the rest of your pack.
    Sue, Nelson & Boober

  2. So sorry to read about Cody this morning. Sounds like he was more like a friend than a pet.

  3. It looks like Cody had a great life as a member of the Spafford/Mongtgomery pack. Thanks for sharing his story with us.

  4. Oh dear Derrick, Sara and the rest of the pack - I am SO SO sorry and trying to fight back the tears. What a gorgeous dog and what special memories you have of him. Oh damn, a tear won. BIG HUGS to all. xo

  5. This is sad news.

    Thinking of you, Sara, and all your pack.

    Joanne and C-Moss

  6. Dear Pack,

    I have a huge pit in my stomach after reading this. I am so sorry to hear about Cody - he sounds like one of a kind.
    Strider and I will have a fun romp in the snow tonight to celebrate Cody's Life.

    Hugs Always
    David and Strider

    PS - hope you don't mind

  7. So sorry, we're certainly going to miss him when we come to feed the pack, such a great dog.

  8. Thanks to you all for the warm thoughts.

  9. Yes, thanks very much everyone. It was pretty quiet in our backyard dogpark tonight.

  10. My condolences, it is very hard when you loose one of your pack suddenly.

    By the looks of it, Cody had a good, fun and long life. Please take comfort in that.

  11. So sorry to hear about your Cody, it is always very hard to lose a "family member", I'll be thinking of you both and the rest of your team, I'm sure they notice his absence already....
    Jenn xoxo

  12. I am sooo sorry for your loss. I know that pit in your stomach that you feel when you lose a trusted loving friend like Cody. Peanut, Latte, Stella and I wish you and your pack well and hope Cody is playing up a storm somewhere.

  13. Rest in peace, Cody. I know it's a sad day for the rest of the pack. Sounds like you've left behind a lot of great memories.

    D & J

  14. Edo and I are sorry to hear about Cody. May every day be filled w/ trails, streams, treats and a spot by a warm fireplace.