Saturday, December 5, 2009

No Western Love For Me

The Western States 100 gods were not smiling upon me today. The lottery has taken place and doesn't look like my name got pulled. With a 1 in 5 chance of getting in, I'm not really surprised, but it was fun to think about.

There were over 1500 runners trying to get in and I just can't help but think that there is a better system than what was implimented this year. To be eligible, it just amounted to a click of a link and your name was put in the draw. No real commitment. Kind of makes you wonder how many people just signed up for the lottery on a whim and have no real interest in actually running. Taking credit card information and making it manditory to have completed a 100miler previously would have been a good start in weeding out the people who may not be serious in actually running it. There has been lots of discussion about WS100 on various other blogs recently and what they should have done. I'm sure there will be plenty more discussion in the future too.

Oh well, maybe next year. Yeah, I'm a little disappointed, but certainly won't loose any sleep over it. There are lots of other great races to plan for which I'm sure will be just as, if not more, exciting.

Now, if I can just get my knee healed up and can start training hard and planning for what that next race is going to be.


  1. Yeah, it is a *weird* process. W/ only 275 spots available it makes ya wonder about how the other huge number of spots are selected. Very few are actually earned thru the Montrail Cup. There has been debates as to min qualifications a 100 miler instead of a 50 miler minimum.
    I am super surprised and even more psyched that I got in...crap the pressures now on that I am one of two representing Ontario. Wish me luck! I might be needing a pacer. 8)

  2. Congrats again Moogy. That's great you got in. Can't believe you were out walking the dog during the lottery. I was a sucker and glued to the live feed.

    The whole process really needs an overhaul. If they are indeed trying to make it the 'Boston Marathon' of ultra running, then need to sort out a lot of the logistics. Even today when they anounced that the final 10 spots were going to be drawn from the crowd on hand....when was that announced beforehand? It inflates the already heavily California based field. Oh well. Maybe next year.

    Anyhow...good luck with your training! I can recommend an awesome pacer I happen to know.

  3. I can too Derrick - YOU.

    Bummed man - i was really looking forward to the trip. Well pick another one and I'll be there - need the training and the dinner conversation with you on the trails.

    Have another Dark Pale Ale

    cheers my friend.

  4. Bummer Derrick! What about Bighorn? Now there's a June 100 miler that is kick-ass AND it's in Wyoming! How many of your Ontario buddies have been to Wyoming? It's aaaaawesome! Oh yeah, and Congrats on the new website launch it looks good.

  5. Sorry to hear you did not get in. I'd think they could really just up the ante with setting a higher qualification bar, be it a 100 or be it a faster set of 50 mile / 100 mile times - even with adjustments for specific courses.

    Races need to make a choice if they are going to be an all comers event or a championship event. There are races that can be both (road marathons) but that is obviously much more challenging for ultra - mountain events (given impact, etc)

  6. David,
    Yes, Dark Ale was consumed last night.

    Bighorn looks very interesting. Never really thought to check it out before. Good recomendation.

    Well said. Guess it opens the door for the possibility for the trip we've wanted to take to Colorado now too.

  7. A 1 in 5 chance and we still can't get in. I also agree that maybe putting down some cash ahead of time might have weeded out those not really interested before the lottery even started. Oh well, I guess we were just meant to do some other great races next year instead. Hope your knee feels better soon. Have a great holiday season.

  8. Bummer man. Oh well. They need to make the qualifying standards tougher.

    There are tons of races though so no worries.