Sunday, September 6, 2009

Week of Aug 31 - Sept 6

Training Summary for the week (photo: Coming down to Birch Lake):
~ Pretty light week of running. Amazing all the time you have in your day when you aren't putting it into training. I DON'T LIKE TAPERS! I love the feeling of being out there and putting in lots of time on the trails and being one with nature. Good for the body and soul! That said, I do feel pretty well recovered and rested going into this last week before Haliburton. My ITB continues to be just a bit stiff, but really isn't a concern as I know that if I was running a ton right now that I wouldn't even think about it. I was very happy with my Friday hilly fartlek/tempo run. It felt very smooth and was the type of run that made me think that I could almost run some reasonably fast times over some shorter distances if I chose to focus on them. Sunday was a nice run for my head, just getting back out to the Park for a play in the woods. Little Clear Lake is just such a beautiful loop to run.

Total # of hours this week: 8:27
Total # of runs this week: 7
2009 total # of hours: 437:00
2009 total # of days: 255
2009 total # of runs: 329
Streak: 7,194 days in a row
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  1. Hey Ho, Lets Go
    Hey Ho, Lets Go
    Hey Ho, Lets Go
    Hey Ho, Lets Go

    They're forming in a straight line
    They're goin through a tight wind...

    See ya Saturday.

    P.S. I'll have to run Little Clear Lake when Kim and I are up there on Oct 24-25.

  2. You two are going to ROCK the Haliburton trails. Hmmm...that is if Punks Rock?

  3. ...Hey ho, let's go...KICK him in the back now!

    David and EJ...yes, looking forward to Saturday. Will be lots of fun.

    PS. Little Clear is probably the most runnable section of the park with some beautiful sections too. The actual loop is only about 40mins, but if added on with an out and back to get there you can make it a nice longer run.