Sunday, August 16, 2009

Week of August 10 - 16

Bumper Stickers:
They are kind of like tattoos...Once you get one, you can't stop.

We never really planned on putting any bumper stickers on 'Floyd the Forester' until we found a 'woof' sticker that we thought would be cute. Seeing a woof sticker with 5 huskies loaded in the back of a car and a dogsled on the roof rack seemed fitting.

From there, we added a La Sportiva sticker, which was also appropriate since they are so generous and sponsor us with such great gear. Add to that, now we have an sticker that Bryon Powell gave us during his visit (see irunfar's facebook page for a photo of Floyd), a Dion running snowshoes sticker and a Julbo sticker. Just noticed that Floyd made in on La Sportiva's facebook page too.

Where will it end?


Pikes Peak Marathon:
The trail/mountain running race of the week was definitely the Pikes Peak Marathon in Colorado. Matt Carpenter proved that he owns this mountain by winning once again. It was also great to see former Kingston high school track star Colin Dignum (now living in Vancouver)finish as the top Canadian in 11th place.

New 100m World Record:
And what running blog would be complete without mentioning Usain Bolt's new world record of 9.58 in the 100 meters at the World Championships. Incredible!


Training Summary:
~ This week started off very solid with some big volume days. I had planned to continue and finish off the week with a long run on the weekend before taking a few easy days to recover. I woke up feeling a little sluggish and like I was fighting a cold on Saturday, so decided to take an early recovery day or two. I felt much better on Sunday, but will wait and see how I feel on Monday before running long to start off the next phase in my final buildup to Haliburton. The back to back easy days are probably also a blessing in disguise as my right shin has continued to bark a little since I fell on my hip about 10days ago.

Total # of hours this week: 12:03
Total # of runs this week: 11
2009 total # of hours: 388:30
2009 total # of days: 234
2009 total # of runs: 300
Streak: 7,173 days in a row
Training Log Details: click here


  1. That's one dusty Floyd! Just the way he likes it, right?

    More than one tattoo you say??

  2. Funny I was noticing them as we left Hillside yesterday. Nice collection. Thanks again for lunch.

    Bolt is amazing, always makes be think back to my 100's in public school, dreaming of running that fast

    Smart to take a few recovery days before the final push. Take it easy on that shin. Hope you have a great week

  3. What do you mean final push? After next weekend, it's taper time! Summer is over, Haliburton is upon us!

  4. Sara, Yup only one tattoo....for now!

    David & JD,
    Yes, Haliburton is creeping up, but still looking to get a few longish runs in before then. And btw JD...summer over?? Have you been outside today??

  5. Hey Derrick! Thanks...I'm pumped for Waldo...I hope to have better luck than FL50's...we'll see I guess! Best wishes to you on defending your win at Haliburton. I love the haircut! ;0) I'm looking forward to a fresh shave in the next couple of days before race day! Hey, we have a Subaru Forester too and have been debating putting some stickers on but, as you said, if one goes on...then I'm sure I'll plaster it with many others! Hey...your blog is great! I'm putting a link to it on mine. Run well wishes to you and keep in touch!

  6. Hey, we're thinking of getting a Forester too. Do you like yours? Suddenly I'm seeing them everywhere. Bumper stickers or not, a Forester seems like a better choice for the Cdn West Coast than Jack's little mid-life crisis car. Change of topic: Rick, have you jumped onto the yoga craze too?! Change of topic again: I'll never say never to a second tattoo either. Not now but maybe sometime!


  7. Floyds, er I mean Foresters, are great - you can fit a ton of stuff in them, while enjoying the gas mileage of an average car. AWD is nice too.

  8. Thanks Yassine. Look forward to hearing about Waldo! All the best. Go ahead and put just one sticker on your Forester to begin with, then you won't be able to stop;)

  9. Hey Deb,
    Yes, love the Forester, but no I have not become Yogick. I do some basic core stuff for maintenance, but really don't enjoy it. The closest that I get is a few sets of planks a couple of times per week.

    RE: tattoos. I always thought it would be great to have my life interests laid out on my body in tattoos. I've already started, but need to add dogsledding, camping, mountains, Irish music, good beer, coffee, etc, etc.... ok, maybe not a good idea.