Thursday, August 13, 2009

Gear Review: Julbo Sunglasses

I had a strange thing happen yesterday during my run... A crazed bee on a mission flew up underneath my sunglasses. I've never had this happen before. I instinctively tossed my glasses off my head and onto the rocky trail. Fortunately I wasn't stung, as I can get a pretty bad reaction to stings. Also fortunate was that my Julbo sunglasses remained in one piece.

My Julbos are an essential part of my running kit and I wear them for almost every single run, even on cloudy days, as my eyes are quite sensitive to light (possibly due to a past illness).

I train mostly in the Julbo Track and Trail models and have found them to be the two best sunglasses that I have ever worn. They are comfortable, super lightweight, anti-fog, very breathable, offer maximum vision, have a lens that darkens/lightens depending on light intensity, and are virtually indestructible as evident by what I have put them through many times. I also use the Instinct and Race but tend to wear them mostly in the winter as they have slightly more coverage for protection from the elements.

Even though they won't necessarily protect you from crazed bees on the trail, I can't recommend Julbo enough and would encourage you to consider them the next time that you are looking for a great pair of sunglasses for running.

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  1. Any feedback on their goggles? I am looking for a pair and have yet to find a pair that fit the bill as far as $, Low light lens quality, and not fogging.
    Can you purchase these in Canada at all?
    Glad the bee didn't get you

  2. I can't give you any feedback unfortunately on the googles, as I haven't tried them. Googles were the one big thing missing in my Rock and Ice gear last year that I would definitely add.

    As for retailers in Canada, I only see one place listed on their website, but there could be more. Can always order through or others online.