Wednesday, August 19, 2009

BCT: Cheaper alternative to Spot Satellite Tracker

Spot Satellite Trackers are great safety devices that can locate where you are at any point in time while in the great outdoors. They are used regularly by outdoor adventure enthusiasts and are becoming more commonly used in adventure races and other multi day ultra running events.

One of the drawbacks to Spot however is the expense involved...until now that is! I have discovered and launched a new system which offers a similar service to Spot, but at a fraction of the price. I am excited to bring to you the new 'Bank Card Tracking' System or 'BCT' for short.

The BCT system was successfully launched on Monday, August 17, 2009 during my 5 hour long run into Kingston from Yarker. The weather conditions for the initial testing of the system were ideal, with humidex readings in the mid-upper 30's Celsius. The route taken lent itself well for BCT as I ran the Cataraqui Trail from Yarker to Sydenham, then took the K&P Trail into Kingston.

My first BCT signal occurred when I stopped to refill my water bottles at the Foodland store in Sydenham. I purchased the water and paid for it with my BCT unit (also known as Bank debit card). Immediately, the transaction was registered with our bank and Sara was able to view from BCT Headquarters (her office at work) through online banking that I had just made a purchase at Foodland. Beauty! The system works!

I then continued my run on the K&P Trail until I required more water at the Sydenham Road Convenience Store in Kingston. Once again, I made the purchase and once again through the powers of online banking, Sara was able to track my progress and see that I had made it to my next destination. What a simple, cheap and yet effective form of tracking!

We expect the launch of this new tracking system to take the Adventure and Ultra Running world by storm, and yes folks you heard about it here first.

Look for other applications of the BCT system in the future that applies more to late night outings at the various pubs in Kingston. Much further testing will be required!


  1. Too funny. The system isn't as flawless as the STSS (smelly trail shoe solution), but it definitely has a price advantage.

  2. Sounds like a solid tracking system. however I feel there may be black out areas where coverage is not that reliable.

    I can see great benefits for tracking participants in a pub crawl, not only their speed and location, but as an added bonus, completion of goals at each establishment.

  3. I've always wanted a really cheap method to track my round the world sailing adventures - I'm just guessing the large number of cash only businesses on the high seas will be my downfall.

  4. David, that's funny about goal completion! Even for Derrick's (non-pub) run, it was so hot out that I was concerned by the small $ transactions that he wasn't drinking enough.

  5. Sara, from what I heard - he wasn't. Wonder if there is a way to attach a slap upside the head if the transaction amount is too small. 1 litre for 2 hours of running in that heat.(shake head). Good thing he will have "support" at Haliburton

  6. Scot,
    Sorry that the BCT does not apply to sailing. Enjoy finding an alternative though.

    I see the blackout areas being more of a problem as a direct result of completion of goals in the pub crawl;)

    ...and yes, my mistake was only take a two bottle holder. Should have used the UD Wasp pack. Though it wouldn't be a problem if someone put a Mac's Milk Store on the K&P Trail before hitting Orser Road crossing!

  7. Mac's Milk? Business opportunity? Actually if your support crew had been on the ball, they would have noticed the small transaction and driven water out to you ;)

  8. David, Yes always blame the support crew! Good thing he found a decent pacer! ;)

  9. Decent Pacer? Not sure on that. Ran in the dark on the trails this morning, rolled my ankle, slipped in the mud and scared off a skunk. I guess the job of a pacer is to take it ALL for the team. What did I sign myself up for? :)

  10. Good practise...tackle those skunks for the team!