Monday, July 27, 2009

Week of July 20-26

Ultrarunning Results:
The Ultrarunning race of the week to follow was the White River 50miler in Crystal Mountain, WA. This was shaping up to be the strongest 50mile race of the year and included a stacked field of competitors. Anton Krupicka returned to ultra racing after battling injuries for the past year and won in an incredible time on a challenging course of 6:32:09. This beat the course record set by Uli Steidl that many thought was unbeatable by 44 seconds. For great report's on the race, check out and Krupicka's blog.


Soccer Playoffs:
Soccer came to an end on the weekend. Heather's team had a fantastic year with everyone showing improvement, having fun and playing well. Well enough in fact to make it to the championship game on Saturday. While they didn't win their last game, they still played hard right to the end and never gave up. Soccer is such a great sport for kids to participate in with all the running involved. We also felt extremely fortunate that Heather had such a wonderful coach in Lee. Lee taught them the basics of the game, encouraged them to have fun, play as a team, think for themselves and work hard. Definitely the signs of a great coach. Congratulations Heather on a great season!
Training Log Summary:
~ The week start off with some lingering foot issues, but improved each day and I was able to cautiously add longer runs on soft surfaces. I ended the week with a great 4hr long run on Sunday at Frontenac Park that included a hard 60mins of hilly tempo work near the end. I wa also pleased that I was able to get a solid 20min tempo run in mid-week as well. My foot continues to feel better and was a non-issue on Sunday, so looking forward to adding back in some barefoot/Five Fingers running this week. We're heading to the Adirondacks with Brennan and Heather this weekend, so it will be a good chance to get in some solid runs in the mountains while there.
Total # of hours this week: 16:42
Total # of runs this week: 13
2009 total # of hours: 342:55
2009 total # of days: 213
2009 total # of runs: 270
Streak: 7,152 days in a row
Training Log Details: click here

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