Monday, July 13, 2009

Week of July 6 - 12 (8:16)

Lots of great races to follow over the past weekend in Canada, the U.S. and France (no...not that silly bike thing)...

Hardrock 100 (Colorado)
Karl Meltzer won his third 100miler of the year at the Hardrock 100miler run through the San Juan Mountains of Colorado. Meltzer’s time of 24:38 was a course record on the counterclockwise course, and second fastest time ever run. Diana Finkel set a new women’s course record of 27:18 in finishing third overall. Complete results.

Barr Trail Mountain Race (Colorado)
Matt Carpenter won the Barr Trail Mountain Race in Colorado for the 8th time. Carpenter’s time was 1:32:33. Brandy Erholz set a new women’s course record of 1:49:08 beating a strong women’s field. Complete results.

Leadville Trail Marathon (Colorado)
Dennis Flanagan surprised pre-race favourite Anton Krupicka in winning the Leadville Trail Marathon in a time of 3:32:30. Krupicka known as more of a 100miler specialist finished second in 3:40:21. Top female was Nancy Citriglia in 4:37:55. Complete results.

PowderFace 42km Trail Marathon (Alberta)
Phil Villeneuve won in a time of 3:45:55 which would have been a course record, but the route had to be shortened by 2km to detour around a grizzly bear that was feeding on a cougar kill. Yikes! No results yet...though rumour has it that the cougar DNF'd;)

5Peaks Rattlesnake Point (Ontario)
The latest 5 Peaks Trail Running Series race was held at Rattlesnake Point on Saturday, but almost never happened due to severe thunderstorms. After a delay to wait out the storm, the race finally got underway with Kyle Aikin winning the Enduro Course, and Nicole Stevenson winning the women’s race and placing 9th overall. Complete results.

World Trail Challenge 50mile (France)
It was great to see Adam Hill mix it up on the world stage and finish a strong 21st overall as top Canadian. Congrats Adam! Complete results.

Utica Boilermaker 15km (Utica, NY)
While not a trail race, it was fun following along in this race and seeing how the Canadians did. Top Canadian was Reid Coolsaet from Guelph in 8th place in a time of 45:17. Former training partners Dave Ruggles, Brent Workman and Jeff Taggart of Kingston all ran as well. Complete results.


Training Log Summary:
~ It was a good recovery week, volume wise, for me after Finger Lakes 50miler last weekend. I took the first couple of days pretty light; then just ran how I felt for the remainder of the week. Had a couple of runs that I probably ran a little too hard for consecutive days, but feel good and legs bounced back well. IT band a little tight but has improved each day.

Total # of hours this week: 8:16
Total # of runs this week: 10
2009 total # of hours: 317:09
2009 total # of days: 199
2009 total # of runs: 248
Streak: 7,139 days in a row
Training Log Details: click here

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