Monday, November 24, 2008

Training Log: Nov 17 - 23 (17:25)

Great week of training. Really starting to feel like strength is improving. Mileage, workouts, long run and pulling all felt easier than last week.

Week Ending Total = 17:25

Mon/17 (2:03)
am (1:20) Crosslite3. Easy recovery run up to Sandpit and back through Paudyns. Nice to get back up that way now that hunting season is over.
pm (:43) Crosslite3. Easy run with Sara on Cat West. Legs feeling a little better tonight.

Tue/18 (2:20)
am (1:12) Crosslite2. Nice run at Little Cataraqui Cons. Area before work. Cool, crisp morning. Ran perimeter, plus added on to check out options for a 5 Peaks race. Wore Suunto GPS to test out and get some distances. Nice watch.
pm (1:08) Crosslite4. Tempo Run. Easy warmup along Cat E, then 30 min tempo on Cat West past Curl Road and back. Felt pretty good. Legs a little tired at the start, but not bad. Got a new pair of Crosslites today which felt great. Didn't realize how worn out the old ones were until putting on a new pair. Happy Feet!

Wed/19 (2:29)
am (1:58) Crosslite4. Good run. Beautiful morning. A little slow starting, but felt good once I got going. Ran Cat W-DND-Camden East Loop. Very wet and icy along DND section so had to take it very easy though there. Moved along pretty well after that though. Noticed a big difference with the new shoes on a longer run.
pm (:31) Skylite2. Nice easy run with Sara, Siku and Meela on Cat trail east. Felt good to break out another pair of Skylites too.

Thu/20 (2:20)
am (1:15) Crosslite4. Nice run on Cataraqui Trail West to grass hill past Curl Rd. Had fun running with Siku. A light dusting on ground made it a beautiful run. Felt pretty good. Well rested and ready to play on the hills again tonight.
pm (1:05) Gazelle. Hills. Warmup on Cat Trail, then 10 x Yarker hill. Felt very strong. Ranged between 63-69 secs. Felt much better than the last few weeks. Hills are so great because it doesn't really take long before you start feeling the positive affects of doing them.

Fri/21 (2:05)
am (1:20) Crosslite4. Nice run. Pretty cool out this morning. Ran Sandpit/Paudyn Loop. Was pretty tired at the start, but loosened up and felt much better after about 45'. Very hungry!
pm (:45) Skylite2. Easy run on Cat West with Sara after dark. Nice night with bright stars out.

Sat/22 (4:11)
am (4:11) Crosslite4. Great run at Frontenac Park. Ran entire northern perimeter with Sara. Bright day, but quite cold at times with the windchill. Ran counter clockwise. Just beautiful around Gibson Lake (see photo). Most of the smaller lakes are frozen over now. Felt good.

Sun/23 (1:57)
am (1:20) Crosslite4. Nice easy run with Sara on north trail to Sandpit and back on Paudyn Loop. Started from Cat Trail and added on Cat West on the way back.
pm (:37) Skylite2. Bubba run. Ran on Cat Trail East with Sara, Jesse, Neeka....and of course pulling 'Bubba the Tire'. Started out pretty easy, but then loosened up and felt better during last half of run. Seemed to be getting stronger during pulling workouts.

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