Sunday, November 30, 2008

Training Log: Nov 24 - 30 (10:32)

Planned on taking this as a recovery week. Felt pretty good cutting back and lots of energy later in the week, then started coming down with a cold. Cut the weekend very short to try to turn it around.

Week Ending Total = 10:32

Mon/24 (2:02)
am (1:17) Crosslite4. Nice run on some snow. Ran Sandpit/Paudyn loop. Felt a little tired, but loosened up and felt much better after about 45 mins.
pm (:45) Gazelle2. Nice easy run on Cat West with Sara. Felt much better tonight and felt like I could have run further.

Tue/25 (1:10)
am (1:10) Crosslite4. Easy run this morning at Lemoines before work in Kingston. Felt quite good once I got going. Bit of a recovery week, so just ran once today.

Wed/26 (1:52)
am (1:12) Crosslite4. Steady run with Taylor Murphy on Sandpit/Paudyn loop. We got quite a bit of snow, so was a little deep in places, but good traction with crosslite tread. Beautiful morning out.
pm (:40) Crosslite3. Nice run with Sara. Beautiful night. More snow coming down during run. Ran Cat Trail west with good footing on fresh snow. First dogsled run of the season later in the evening too.

Thu (2:06)
am (1:16) Crosslite4. First snowshoe run of the season. Ran carrying snowshoes for the first 10 mins to Cat Trail, then Snowshoe ran on Cat Trail to Curl Road and back, final 10mins running carrying snowshoes home. Felt pretty good. Beautiful day. Felt great to strap the snowshoes back on.
pm (:50) Crosslite4. Tempo Run. Warmup/Cooldown on Cat Trail. Ran 20' tempo on trail to Curl Road and back. Footing not great with deep snow, but good effort. Felt good.

Fri (1:37)
am (1:07) Crosslite4. Easy run at Lemoines before work on cinder trails. Just kind of poked along as legs a little tired from yesterday.
pm (:30) Crosslite4. Easy with Sara, Siku and Meela on Cat East. Footing not great with snow on trail.

Sat (:45)
pm (:45) Crosslite4. Easy with Siku and Sara on Cat West. Felt pretty good from recovery week. Getting a little more spring in the legs and looking to increase again next week. Have been feeling like I'm fighting a cold this week, but not bad. That's the problem with a recovery week!

Sun (1:00)
pm (1:00) Crosslite4. Took it pretty easy on north trail to Sandpit and back on Paudyns. Still feel like I'm fighting a bit of a cold, but felt ok while running. Just not much energy.

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