Monday, November 3, 2008

Training Log: Oct 27 - Nov 2 (12:39)

Felt great this week to get back into the swing of things now that the race is over. Physically I felt better each day and hip has improved daily. Still just a bit tight in the morning, but much better than it was.

Weekly Total = 12:39

Mon/27 (:45)
pm (:45) Skylites. Easy run on Cataraqui Trail West with Sara. Still feeling a little tired from the race yesterday.

Tue/28 (1:52)
am (1:02) Crosslite3. Steady run on cinder trails at Lemoines before work. Felt a little weak at the beginning, but much better after about 30 minutes. Not enough food or sleep lately.
pm (:50) Crosslite3. Easy run with Sara at Lemoines again. Stayed in town and planned to go for dinner after, but ended up picking up some frozen Indian food and ate at home. Very nasty night out.

Wed/29 (1:55)
am (1:15) Raceblades. Easy to steady up the north trail to the Sandpit. Trail was very muddy from all the rain. Came back through Paudyn's loop which was in pretty good shape one I got in the woods.
pm (:40) Gazelles. Easy run with Sara to the store to pick up our passports.

Thu/30 (2:09)
am (1:05) Crosslite2. Easy to Steady on Cataraqui Trail West a few minutes past Curl Road. Felt pretty good. Hip stiff at beginning, but seem to loosen up as I ran. Cool, crisp morning. Can smell the snow in the air.
pm (1:04) Skylites. Easy on Cat trail from Yarker, then 30 minute Tempo run from Yarker West on trail to driveway past Curl Rd and back. Felt pretty good. Started out maybe a little too hard, then had to work to hold form on the way back into the wind. It's really great doing workouts/tempos on Cataraqui Trail section between Yarker and Curl Road with the new cinders put down. Very soft and very smooth. I thought that it was the Cataraqui Trail/Cataraqui Conservation Authority that did all the trail work, but noticed a sign on the trail that it was the Lennox & Addington Ridgerunners Snowmobile Club. Good to see. Maybe if we get another good winter of snow, membership fees will be good and they'll be able to do more sections of the trail?

Fri/31 (1:28)
am (1:28) Crosslite3. Beautiful fall day. +9C, no wind. Felt a little tired from tempo last night, but good otherwise. The only thing disappointing about the run was that I ran the north trail up to the Sandpit only to discover that it has been totally fenced in. I tried to go around it, but it's locked up pretty good. Could climb over the fence, but not really worth the effort for just getting a little bit more into the loop. It's not really a big deal and I can understand that they probably don't want ATV's and dirtbikes in there, but it's a little annoying for us runners and wildlife who like to play on the sandhills in mid-run. Can just make it a slightly shorter loop and add on later, but I've been running this same loop for a long time and always enjoyed it. First I get kicked off of the Freeman Road Trails that connect to Cat Trails, and now fenced out of the Sandpit trails. Only solution is to move further into the woods! Thoughts Sara? Other than the sandpit closure, it was a really great run. Added on the Colebrooke Trail loop too which I haven't done in a while. I think I saw the butt-end of a bear running through the high grass, but just caught a quick glimps.

Sat/1 (1:58)
am (1:28) Crosslite3. Nice run with Sara on the north trail to the Colebrooke Trail loop and back through Paudyns. Felt good. Another beautiful fall day.
pm (:30) Zoom Streaks. Ran on grass trails behind our house. Warmed up easy for 10 minutes, then run pulling a tire attached to a rope and bungee for 15mins, then another 5 mins easy. First real pulling run. Heavy going, but will throw in a couple of these runs weekly and gradually increase to get ready for Rock and Ice. Hope the snow comes early as I'd rather be pulling a pulk than a tire.

Sun/2 (2:32)
pm (2:32) Raceblades. Nice run with Sara on Cataraqui Trail West to DND trails, road to Camden East and then back on Cat East home. Felt pretty good. Wrapped up a nice week of training.

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  1. Only solution is to move further into the woods! Thoughts Sara?

    Good idea!