Sunday, November 9, 2008

Training Log: November 3 - 9 (14:42)

Great week. Solid volume, tempo run, hill workout, tire pulling and a long run. Very pleased with how it all felt.

Week Ending total = 14:42

Mon/3 (2:12)
am (1:30) Skylites. Great run with Aaron on J&J Mt Bike trails. Beautiful trails. Combination of pine needles, grass, technical and some good climbs. Legs felt good once we got going. Quite warm. Hope to get back on these trails again soon.
pm (:42) Crosslite3. Good shakeout run with Sara. Started up on the north trail, but saw a hunter in a tree and thought we'd best turn back and stay on the Cataraqui Trail. I hate hunting season!

Tue/4 (2:15)
am (1:07) Gazelles. Ran cinder trails at Lemoines before work. One of those runs that don't happen often. Felt like I was floating the whole time. Kept trying to slow down as I knew I was doing a tempo run tonight, but just felt so good. Legs felt fresh and just a beautiful morning. I quite often do this loop in 70-72 minutes, so was a little surprised to do it so quickly. Feel like I'm finally starting to gain some fitness again during my buildup, but haven't trained quite hard enough yet to fully zap my legs.
pm (1:08) Skylites. Tempo run. Warmed up from Yarker on Cat Trail east, then ran Cat West past Curl Road and back. Same route as last weeks tempo, but didn't get quite as far. Makes sense though after a good week last week, a solid run this morning (that was probably not too far off tempo pace) and todays tempo actually felt much smoother and like I wasn't redlining it as much. Nice warm night. I actually ran the workout part shirtless, as I warmed up with a longsleeve, but got too warm.

Wed/5 (2:25)
am (1:55) Gazelles. Steady run. Ran Cat Trail West-DND-Camden East loop. Felt pretty good. Got a little tired near the end, but pleased with run.
pm (:30) Crosslite3. Cataraqui East Trail with Sara and Siku. Ran first 10' pulling the tire, then 10' without, and final 10' pulling again. Really like the idea of running with a tire on Wednesday afternoons after a slightly longer morning run. Good training for Rock and Ice.

Thu/6 (2:04)
am (1:04) Crosslite3. Easy run on Cataraqui Trail West. Legs a little tired from yesterday. Nice day out. Very warm and sunny.
pm (1:00) Gazelle. Hill Workout. Warmup on Cat Trail, then 9 x Yarker Hill. First hill workout, or harder workout in a while other then tempo run, so felt a little rough getting into it on the first few repeats. Started feeling much better about halfway through. Realized that I need to get much more hill work in before the snowshoe season or hitting any hilly races.

Fri/7 (1:40)
am (:40) Raceblades. Easy run on Cataraqui Trail West from Yarker. Legs a little tired from the week so far, but not too bad.
pm (1:00) Crosslite3. Steady run with Charley Murphy on Cataraqui Trail West after dark. Great run, followed by my 'World Famous Vegetarian Chili' (the secret is pinneapple) and beer. Legs a little tired from the week.

Sat/8 (1:02)
pm (1:02) Gazelles. Easy run on Cat Trail West w/Sara on the bike. Ran to Curl Road and back. Felt surprisingly good. Nice day out.

Sun/9 (3:04)
am (3:04) Crosslite2. Great run at Frontenac Park with Sara. Ran from Trail Centre, Arkon East, along Birch Lake through Moulton Gorge, around Little Clear Lake, then back along north shore of Big Salmon to Trail Centre. Cool and windy day, but felt pretty good. Got very close to a Barred Owl, which was very cool. Also saw a bunch of deer including a very large buck. Happy to see them in the park and safe during hunting season.

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