Monday, July 7, 2008

June 30 - July 6 (2:57)

pm (:20) Fireblades. Easy on home trail.

pm (:20) FB. Same

pm (:20) FB. Same

pm (:20) ZS. Same.

pm (:33) Frees. Warmed up with Sara at Napanee track for 20' easy on grass. Then jogged another 13' during her cooldown. Felt a little better today maybe. Nice to see something different on a run. Still pretty weak and tired though.

pm (:30) Gazelles. Ran road to Warner trail loop with Sara. Felt like I had a little more energy today. Hoping to start feeling back to normal soon.

pm (:34) Skylites. Easy on road to Warner Trail, Cat E and back with Sara. Felt a little better today, but still pretty weak at time.

Week Total =
~ Very frustrating week, Thought I might have been feeling better, then started feeling worse again. It's been a total of over 2 weeks now. Hoping that the worst of SJS is behind me now and that I start feeling better soon and can run a little more next week.

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