Monday, July 21, 2008

July 14 - 20 (10:37)

Mon (:50)
pm (:50) Crosslites1. Ran K&P from Sydenham partway to meet Sara who was running from Kingston. Took it easy and felt pretty good. Still weak, but feeling much better.

Tue (1:10)
am (:30) Zoom Streaks. Easy running on Fort Henry Trails. Felt good.
pm (:40) CL1. Easy with Sara on Cataraqui Trail West from home. First double since sick.
~ Finally on the mend. Celebrated by having lunch with Sara at Little Saigon before weekly shift at Running Room. Had, what else, a #64...Spicy tofu (instead of chicken....animals are human too!) with rice, peppers and cashews. Yum! If you haven't tried Little Saigon, you should! Great food, very reasonable prices and friendly staff.

Wed (1:21)
am (1:00) Gazelles. Cat Trail W and back. Nice run. Quite hot and humid today. Probably started a little harder than I should have, but felt good to be running more again. Last 10 minutes was a little tired. Got stung by a bee, but didn't react too much. Took Reactin, which helped.
pm (:21) ZS. Easy grass run on home trail with Sara. A little tired after morning run.

Thu (1:21)
am (:20) Skylites. Easy grass run on home trail with Siku the wonder puppy. Felt good.
pm (1:01) Skylites. Easy run on Cat W trail with Sara. Very hot out, but feels good to be running more.
~ Spent the early afternoon at skateboard park in Napanee with Brennan and Heather and I think I am improving...Brennan's not so sure I am though. I didn't fall once (definitely not once)!

Fri (1:36)
am (:30) Skylites. Easy grass run on home trail.
pm (1:06) Gazelles. Track workout (NDSS). Warmup, stretch, drills, strides, 8 x 400m w/90 sec jog recovery in 84,83,82,80,80,80,80,80. Ran steady, didn't push too hard as first workout back after beeing sick. Felt surprisingly good.

Sat (1:18)
am (:47) Skylites. Ran steady to Harrowsmith on Cat Trail East to Heather's soccer game. Very hot and very humid. Legs a little tired from yesterday.
pm (:31) Slingshots. Very easy grass run on home trail. Extremely hot and humid.
~ Heather's 2 final playoff games took place today and she played great. Probably her best games of the season. They won the first game 5-4, then lost the second game 3-1, so ended up finishing second in the B division. Great season. Heather improved a great deal over the course of the season, as did her team as a whole.

pm (3:01) Crosslites1. Good run at Frontenac Park with Sara. Ran from Big Salmon Parking along north shore, around Little Clear Lake, up Moulton Gorge and back along Arkon E, then added on an out and back along Big Salmon South. Felt great, but got a little tired near the end. Deer flies were vicious. Very good to be back running a little longer again.

Week Ending = 10:37
~ Feels very good to be back!


  1. Derrick, I have been following your trtaining blog for the last couple of months and its good to see you back at it! I remember you from X Countr back in the day! I just got myself back into running and I'm training for my firt half marathon. Again I enjoy your training blog. My little training blog is at

    Aaron Anderson

  2. Thanks Derrick! I am planning on running the Thousand Island Parkway half on Sept 6. Hoping to go around 1:35 to 1:40.