Monday, July 28, 2008

July 21 - 27 (13:45)

Mon (1:35)
am (1:00) Crosslite3. Legs a little tired from yesterday, but not bad. Loosened up as I ran. Ran north trail towards sandpit. A little muddy in places after all the rain. Ab workout.
pm (:35) Gazelles/Barefoot. Ran easy on home grass trails. First 18 minutes in shoes, last 17 minutes barefoot. Felt a little tired, but not bad. Nice to get back doing some barefoot again.
~ Cracked open a new pair of Crosslites today. Hard to believe that my old pair have lasted me since Feb as I've done the bulk of my running in them. Fit like a glove, lightweight and great traction. Awesome shoe! Sad to retire the old pair.

Tue (1:46)
am (:46) Crosslite3. Easy out Cataraqui Trail West. Light rain which helped to keep it a little cooler.
pm (1:00) Skylites. Warmup for 20 mins to trail. Tempo run for 30 minutes on Cataraqui Trail East. Cooldown for 20 mins home. Started out and felt great. Very comfortable at the beginning, but found that I had to really focus to maintain pace for last 10 minutes. Just a little rusty and lacking some strength still from being sick. Good workout though.

Wed (1:56)
am (1:16) Crosslite3. Cataraqui Trail West to grass hill. Pretty hot today. Got a little tired near the end but felt ok. Ab workout.
pm (:40) Frees/Barefoot. Ran easy on home grass trails. First 20' on shoes, last 20' barefoot. Raining pretty hard. Ran offleash with dogs in the rain which was fun.
~ Went to Skatepark with Brennan and Heather in Madoc. Very cool place for Skateboarding and BMX. Tried out Bren's BMX on the ramps. Wasn't brave enough to try his skateboard on them though.

Brennan showing how it's done at the Skatepark...

Derrick showing how it's NOT done at the Skatepark...

A couple of inukshuks...
Thu (1:44)
am (:30) Raceblades. Easy on grass home trail. Felt like I needed an easy morning, and planning a harder run this evening.
pm (1:14) Gazelle. Track workout at NDSS. Warmup: 22mins, stretch, drills, strides. 6 x 1000m w/2' jog recovery in 3:36, 3:34, 3:34, 3:31, 3:28, 3:26. Cooldown: 20 mins. Felt pretty good. Was tired going in, but pleased with workout.

Fr (1:51)
am (1:20) Waverider. Easy at Lemoines. Lots of water on trail. Left plantar fascia was a little tight after track last night so wore Waveriders. Felt much bulkier than what I have been wearing lately. Foot fine.
pm (:31) Frees/Barefoot. Easy on grass trail at home. First 15' in shoes, last 16' barefoot. Felt good. Ab workout.
~ Twisted my right knee on my shift at Running Room today and was a little tender. Think it is fine, but noticed it running tonight.

Sat (:45)
pm (:45) Skylites. Easy recovery day with Sara. Knee felt fine.
~ Power out for 5+ hrs today during bad thunderstorm. Decided to go to Boston Pizza for dinner with Brennan and Heather. Hope my stomach doesn't regret the restaurant food tomorrow.

Sun (4:08)
pm (4:08) Crosslite3. Frontenac Park from Trail Centre, Big Salmon South, north along east of Little Clear up to Birch Lake and around Arkon West to TC. Was a little tired going into it. Stomach upset from restaurant food last night. Felt a little rough from 2-3hrs, then began to feel better. Nice run. Sara had a great one. Funny, didn't see much wildlife other than 4 huge Black rat snakes (ugly buggers) and a whack of deer flies.
~ Oh yeah, the only other wildlife we saw was author/outdoor fanatic Alec Ross (Coke Stop in Emo). We never see other runners on the trails, but met Alec about a mile in, as he'd just finished up a canoe trip. Alec once gave me the tip to use Macademia nuts for fastpacking as they are high in calories/fat and very lightweight to carry....have used them often since and they have saved my butt a number of times.

Week Ending Total = 13:45
~ Very pleased with week.


  1. I feel pleased whith my weekly totals....until I see yours!

  2. Thanks. Feels good to be getting the volume back up pretty high again after being sick.

  3. Thats some good running Derrick! Are you running in Haliburton this year? just curious


  4. Hey Keith,
    Good to hear from you. Yeah, planning to do Haliburton, but just not quite sure what distance. How about you? What have you been up to?

  5. Yeah I'm doing the 100miler again. I only did one other race this year because of work and life but it went really well. Took 2nd place at Creemore in 4:29 I was really happy I beat last years course record but Adam Hill showed up last min and whipped me by at least 10min but I'm still happy with the results as it was only my thrid ultra a fifth race I've run since starting running three years ago! I hope to see you on the trails soon


  6. Wow. Congrats on Creemore! Sounds like things went really well for you.

    Where are you doing your long runs? Are you still in Napanee? I thought you mentioned about doing some on the Cat trail. Let me know if you're interested in hooking up for a run sometime.

  7. Yeah still in Napanee, run lots on Cat and K+P and well everywhere. Saw this morning your up for the 100 miler thats great! yeah anytime you want to hook up for a run that would be awesome, I hate running alone on those long runs!
    this weekend I'm heading to the Batawa Ski hill for my 6 hour long run, I mapped out this 2.5 mile loop that runs the ski hill twice each loop so I get some good up hill and down hill running. But my other runs are all open just give me some times and will rock it


  8. I was really debating on whether to do the 100 (my first) after I was pretty ill for 3 weeks in July, but have felt quite good since. Haven't got the really long runs in, but hopefully enough to finish. Kind of scares the hell out of me, but in a good way I guess.

    I'm going to wait and go long on Tuesday to get an extra few days recovery as we just got back from 3 days of hard running in the Adirondacks. I usually run at about 9am in the morning and 5pm at night on weekdays. Our schedule is a bit different on weekends with Sara and I usually starting our long runs together.

    Email me sometime if you want to hook up.

    We haven't run at Batawa yet, but would like to sometime. Sounds like a great place to train. Have a good long run!


  9. Keith,
    Just had a change in plans here and might try to run long on Sunday, but could not get away from Yarker until after 1pm. Let me know if interested.