Monday, April 14, 2008

Apr 7 - 13 (14:46)

am (:46) Steady run on Cat W trail Trail mostly bare, so good footing. Will be starting to ramp up the mileage this week now.
pm (:45) Easy run on Cat W again.

am (1:12) Steady run on Cat W tr past Curl Rd. Felt really good and struggled to turn around. Feels really good to be back at it.
pm (:30) Easy on Cat W Trail.

am (1:29) Steady run on Cat W trail to Avenstone Loop. Felt really good. Moving along really well in places.
pm (:31) Nice run in Free's on road and trail with Sara.

am (1:30) Beautiful day. Great run. Was flying at times. Warner trails, Wilton South to dogsled hookup, then back on Hare Trail. Muddy in places, but nice. Crosslites such a great shoe in mud.
pm (:40) Nice run with Sara on Hare Trail in Slingshots. Felt good.

am (1:07) Ran in Kingston. Some road when necessary, but grass when possible. Cold and rainy. Was going to run on the treadmill, but just couldn't stomach it. Ran to Belle Park along waterfront and on golf course.
pm (:40) Easy run on Cat E w/Sara.

am: (1:15) Steady on Cat W to Grass hill past Curl Road. Lots of wildlife with 5 deer, 1 coyote and a large white hare. Was a little tired from not enough food before.
pm (:35) Ran to the store and back to get newspaper.

pm (3:46) Wilton Trail loop, Cat W, North Trail, Hunt Camp Loop, Paudyn Trail, + a few short add-ons. Ran with Sara for the first 2 hrs. Ran pretty hard between hours 2-3, then faded a bit. Good run.

Weekly total = 14:46
~ Good week. Feels great to be back in the groove.

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