Monday, April 21, 2008

April 14 - 20 (11:36)

am (1:12) North Trail to Colebrooke Loop. Nice and relaxed.
pm (:30) Easy run with Sara.

am (1:38) Nice run on Cat W. Ran part with Rick. Beautiful morning.
pm (:46) Paudyn and Colebrooke Trails with Sara. Felt good.

am (2:00) Steady run. Cat Tr W to Camden East, then airport loop and back Cat. Blistered a bit in shoes without socks. Ran last night without any and was fine, but more dirt got in shoes today.
pm (:40) Easy run on Cat trail E. Have a bit of a cold, but not too bad.

am (1:35) Easy run to Sandpit loop, Colebrooke Loop and back on Paudyns. Nice run. Don't feel great, but took it easy and was fine.
pm (:40) Easy run on Hare trails.

am (1:00) Easy run. Felt pretty lousy today. Paudyn trails from home.
pm (:35) Paudyn trail wearing Five Fingers. Felt ok, but tired.

pm (:25) Pretty sick last night and today. Took it very easy on Paudyns.

pm (:35) Still pretty sick. A little better than yesterday. Ran North trail to Colebrooke Loop.

Weekly total = 11:36
~ Wasn't exactly the weekend of training that I had planned to get this weekend. Had hoped to get a good long run in, but still feeling rough.

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