Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Dog Water Skiing

No...not the skis ON the dogs.

The summer must be getting close to being over as I'm thinking more and more about winter these days.

We have dogsled, cross country skied and mountain biked behind our huskies, but water skiing never occurred to us.

My friend Duane sent this article and the below video that was fun to watch. Maybe we'll need to give it a try. Too bad our yearly spring flood didn't last longer on our property.


  1. Dang. How fast does one have to go to get up on skiis? Sort of like escape velocity.

  2. wow those dogs are flying, great vid

  3. Not sure how fast they'd be going there, but it's only a 6 dog team and they're pulling a young girl.

    I've run 8 dog teams in dogsled races and that's a lot of power at the start. Ran a double sled once with a friend behind a 12 dog team and that's scary. Can't imagine driving an Iditorad team.