Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Click Submit!

It’s been over a year since I’ve raced due to the knee issue that I’ve been wrestling with. The good news is that I’m finally healthy, know why the injury happened and know what I need to do to avoid getting this injury again. So why am I reluctant to hit the submit button for Virgil Crest this weekend?

Click submit Derrick!

I know that I’m not in great shape, but feel fit to get fit. I’ve gotten in a few good test runs over the past few weeks including pacing Keith at Haliburton, plus a solid 5 hour solo run. My training volume has been decent, though not spectacular, but still enough to be able to run the distance.

Click submit Derrick!!

Yesterday was sort of the final test that I passed. Great range of motion/flexibility in my hip, and continued increased strength as well. My physio gave me the green light to run, and said that even if I felt pain during the race at any point that it wasn’t going to set me back any.

Click submit Derrick!!!

I guess the biggest thing is that I would ideally like to have a little more time to train and get in better shape, but unfortunately I don’t really have that luxury right now since there are a limited number of races and weekends available to get in a qualifier before the Western States 100 Lottery.

Click submit Derrick!!!!

Nothing is ever ideal. I’ve been away from a race for a long time and even though I’m not in my best shape, I still can’t help but have all of these preconceived race goals. If I can just let go of those and go into the race to run relaxed, have fun and enjoy a long day on the trails, then everything will be great....and that's exactly what I'm going to do.

Click submit Derrick!!!!!

Okay, done. Submit button has been clicked! Time to get ready to enjoy a great day on some sweet single track.

Last week was a solid week of running that included a great 5 hour long run last Wednesday. Structurally, I felt really good and like I am finally in a great place.

Aside from the 5hr run, the highlight runningwise of the week was my run at Ballahack. The Ballahack trails are proposed provincial park/crown land that are just gorgeous. I remember going there xc skiing as a kid and this place just seemed so remote and wild. We don’t tend to run there that much as it’s near Tamworth and a good 45mins plus drive from our place. When we do, it’s always an adventure though.

These trails were actually the first trails that Sara and I fastpacked overnight on. We’ve also dogsledded and snowshoe run there as well. In fact, pretty much every time that we run there during the summer, we tend to see a bear and Sunday was no different.

I did the tour on the trails that I wanted to see with great views of Norway and Puzzle Lakes. Saving the best for the end, I then took my favourite trail in towards Cranberry Lake. Sure enough, just as I was climbing to the highest point in the area, I looked across the marshy section of the lake and saw a huge black bear sunning itself and playing under some big trees. It was totally oblivious to me being about 150meters away from it. I felt pretty comfortable being that far away and with a body of water between us, so I sat on top of the rock and watched him play for about 15mins. Bliss.

Another highlight of the week was visiting Sara’s parents and nephews, Whit and Sully, in Jones Falls. Just a beautiful place and we took full advantage of the opportunity to do some kayaking. Brennan and Heather kicked my butt in the race around the island competition, but I’m claiming that it’s because they were using Peter and Judy’s streamlined, jet-powered kayaks. Great fun!

Weekly Summary (Sept 13-19):
Total # of hours last week: 11:42
Total # of hours this year: 393:56
Streak (# of consecutive days of running): 7,573
Training Log Details for the Week
Kayak race. I got smoked!
Puzzle Lake
Norway Lake
Unfortunately I wasn't able to get a good photo of my friend the bear as the sun was shining towards me. Next time for sure.


  1. Good luck this weekend at the race Derrick. Stay relaxed and positive and the outcome will be great! Sending you lots of positive vibes and luck (although you won't need it).

  2. About time - you failed to mention the Distance. WS hear comes DS. Will be following along

  3. Good luck man
    great to see you are racing again

  4. You are gonna love Virgil Crest! Aside from the ski hill loop that you do at the beginning (apparently they've even improved on it) there are some beautiful trail on the long O&B section on the run! A little too much sidehill for me and my tight ITB. I almost clicked to submit on this race too this week! Run happy! Ken

  5. Click it and toe the line. Amen to that.

    I may have missed this: specifically what was the nature of your knee issue and how did you correct it?

  6. I see your name in the 100 mile race so I guess it is official. Now all you have to do is decide what shoes to wear; ) I am hoping for good weather for you. What does the forcast look like?

  7. Wow man...that's great! mindful of your leg and just get that qualifier and don't worry about winning. The funny thing is that Erica and I almost spontaneously went to Ithaca this week to be closer to family and I contacted Ian (the RD) to see if I could still get into the race (which I love because it was my first 100). You'll love the trails out there man...and plus you have a good history down there in the Finger Lakes region. All the best my glad you're back. Get that qualifier and maybe we'll race against each other at Western States 2011! :-)

  8. Thanks everyone for the kind words. The past year has been a real drag, so just happy to run long on the weekend again on some great trails and have fun. I'm going into it treating it like a 100, but if things did go south for someone after 50miles, they treat that as a completed 50 which is great for WS qualifying purposes.

    George..injury was patella femoral syndrome. 3 different physios all got part of the picture right, but it was the 3rd one that seemed to piece everything together. Aside from glute strengthening, my hip/psoas mobility was very restricted/locked up on my right side, as well as a very tight ITB. I'm back almost to the same degrees of flexibility on my right side as my left now and notice that my stride efficiency is so much better.

    Yassine...Too bad you're not coming home for it....well, no not really ;) Seriously, it would have been nice to possibly share a few miles, chat some and meet your new addition to the family. Good luck at Flagline!

  9. Oh, and EJ...yes the temps sound pretty good with only a 30% chance of rain.

    And, no concern about which shoes...Crosslites all the way! Sounds like the course could be very wet, so they'll be perfect.

  10. Perfect...Floyd is still dirty and ready to go from Haliburton a few weeks ago. (Ok, he probably still has dirt from Hali '04!) It will be a lot of fun, can't wait!

  11. WooHoo... way da click Derrick! Your clicking finger works again too. :) You must feel very excited to be racing again. I'm thrilled for you and can't wait to hear all about your adventure. Just have fun and keep smiling. Yeah.... Sara will be there too. You're in the best hands possible.
    Hugs to both of you.

  12. You'll love this race! I sure did last year. Good luck and I'll be tracking your progress with interest!

    Gotta run,

  13. Terrific news, Rick! We'll be thinking of you all the way!

    Much love from your Edmonton fan base--
    Karen, etc.