Monday, September 27, 2010

Campfire Reflections: Virgil Vigil

My pipes are still a bit tired from the 25miles at Virgil on Saturday. I've spent quite a bit of time reflecting over the campfire the past few days and am still fine with the outcome.

Yesterdays token 20 minute run helped to loosen up my legs a bit more and another easy day or two should have me fired up to dig deep into a good training block.

Looking back over my training log in the past few months I realize that I am certainly not where I want to be, but am very thankful of where I am and that I am able to move forward. Injuries suck and I am very grateful to be healthy again and will never take that for granted. On that note I am really looking forward to when Sara is 100% healthy too. Soon.

I found it very interesting watching the below short video clip that Sara took of me while running in Colorado. I have always felt that my stride efficiency is reasonably good, but you can tell that biomechanically I am a huge mess. I am essentially limping as my whole right side is locked up. Part of that was the Achilles flareup that I had, but the bigger problem was the tightness in my hip/psoas.

Thank gawd that is behind me now. Looking at my form not that long ago is very painful to see. I feel like I have come a long ways in the past 6 weeks and getting stronger each day. It's funny that I never felt like I was running that awkward even though Sara mentioned that my stride just looked off. It's just amazing what you can believe when you are not wanting to admit something.

Anyhow, my strength and flexibility is getting better daily and I can assure you that my current form has improved considerably and isn't anywhere near as bad as the video.

Weekly Summary (Sept 20-26):
Total # of hours last week: 9:04
Total # of hours this year: 403:00
Streak (# of consecutive days of running): 7,580
Training Log Details for the Week

Gimpy: The scenery is nice, but the form?....not so much...


  1. Watching a video of yourself run is like hearing your own voice on the answering machine.

  2. Gotta agree, Rick - that Colorado form was not exactly pretty! You sure didn't get the looks in the family on that one! :))) Must be incredibly encouraging though seeing how much you've progressed since then!

    Yep, will look after that knee! A few longer runs in Banff last week set me back a bit. But how can you NOT do longer runs when in Banff?! It was soooo worth it! You and Sara would have loved it too!!!


  3. George...very true, but guess I was hoping it was a wrong number;)

    Karen...Nope, form bad, but I bet my beautiful 'Fitchett Feet' have you beat ;) Forgot you were in Banff. Could have recommended a fun runs or a few folks who could have recommended some good runs.

  4. What is this about "Fitchett Feet"? You sure couldn't have gotten them from my side of the family.


  5. Nothing that a good Flaming June pedicure couldn't fix up real good.

  6. Yes, looking forward to that.