Monday, June 14, 2010

World Cup: Jack's Heroes

In honor of the World Cup...

Jack's Heroes is the undoubtably the best song ever about the World Cup. It was written by The Pogues and performed by The Pogues and the Dubliners 20 years ago as a tribute to Ireland's team. That was the last year that I remember following the World Cup with much interest.

Training Summary (June 6 - 13):
Solid week of training including a 4:10 long run and a good mid week tempo run. I've been trying to include a few more lighter recovery days in to keep my knee and achilles happy and healthy.
Total # of hours last week – 14:49
Total # of hours this year – 267:56
Streak – 7,475 days of running in a row
Training Details for the Week


  1. Go England!

    Another great week. Did you try the EFS Gel?

  2. No. Haven't tried it yet, but maybe this week.