Thursday, June 10, 2010

Trail Running Soul: SJS3 Compression Sox Gear Review

The following is a review I did for Trail Running Soul on the SJS3 Compression Sox...

I have to admit that when I first thought about trying compression socks I had a hard time with it as I kept having flashbacks to the 1980’s and runners wearing knee high tube socks. How on earth could they be comfortable, let alone aid in performance in long distance running?...


  1. I'd maybe try a pair if they were black or grey. Injinji is giving us a free pair of socks for our Western entry and I choose the knee high compressions. Going to wear them on the way home. I am also going to wear a compression sleeve around my calf to help w/ my achilles injury. I love my Drymax socks, otherwise I might choose a compression sock.

  2. Hey Moogy,
    Actually they are available in Black/grey. Check out their website for other models and colours.

    Good luck at WS! Taper madness??