Sunday, April 18, 2010

Week of April 12 - 18: Bruins and Seaton

Go Bruins Go!:
The playoffs have started. Once again I'll be following my beloved Boston Bruins in their quest for the Stanley Cup. Unlike last year, when they were one of the potential favourites going into the playoffs, this year they didn't qualify until the final week of the regular season. Maybe that means that they'll go further, or all the way, this year.

They have certainly started the playoffs well with the series with Buffalo tied at 1-1. The Bruins played very well in both games and if they can continue to play with the same intensity, should have a good chance of getting past the Sabres.

Seaton Trail 50mile, 52km, 26km:
Saturday was the first race of the Ontario Ultra Series with the Seaton Trail races taking place in Pickering. While the results haven't been posted yet, I'd like to say a huge congrats to Aaron (5:55/52km), JD (6:40/52km) and Stuart (2:28/26km).
Aaron ran the 25km at Seaton last year, then progressed to his first 50km at Haliburton in September. With this only being Aaron's 2nd ultra, he has improved a lot in less than a year. JD is coming off of his big race at Susitna and it looks like he is now fully recovered and ready to take on a number of races in the OUS Series. Stuart ran a very strong race in his first attempt at a longer trail distance and this speaks very well for what he has lined up for the rest of the summer. Complete results will be posted here when they are available.


Training Summary:
My training consisted of a little bit lower volume week than I had originally planned, however there was more quality training compared to what I had done in a while. Wednesday morning was a steady effort over a 2hr route with a good climb, Thursday evening was hill repeats at Little Cat and Saturday morning was a pretty hard 95min progression run from my parents house back to our place. The only real planned hard session was actually Thursday, as the rest just sort of happened. Not always the best approach and I certainly felt the efforts accumulate. I also did some scrambling around on Friday after getting bit by a deer tick, which resulted in a short day. A very busy week, but I'm looking forward to things settling down again for this coming week and getting back into a more normal routine. My right achilles has been barking a bit off and on, which combined with everything else, made sense to take Sunday very light.

Total # of hours last week – 14:02
Total # of hours this year – 154:18
Streak – 7,419 days of running in a row


  1. Great job at Seaton, Aaron, JD and Stuart! I would love to run that race some year, it sounds really fun. (My crosslites are sad to have missed out on the mud too.)

  2. Hey Rick - I'm having a hard time deciding whether to cheer for the Bruins or the home-town favourite Canucks. Considering Jack has now signed on with the Bruins, it could get ugly around here if they end up face-to-face in the playoffs!


  3. Derrick-
    Greetings from Boston,
    Our Bruins won again tonight. Physically beat up and down the Sabres. Too many games left just yet to feel to good about it just yet.
    But one hell of a series so far. It also gives me something to do, til the Doc gives me the all clear in mid-May (hopefully)


  4. Deb,
    No worry. Vancouver won't make it that far;)

    The Bruins are playing well. Hope that Savard can come back soon. Good luck with your recovery!