Sunday, April 25, 2010

Week of Apr 19 - 25: SHA runners at Boston, 5Peaks and Limestone City

There were a lot of great performances this past week with congratulations going out to a number of SHA runners in a variety of different races...

Boston Marathon (Monday)
David had his annual pilgrimage to the Boston Marathon again this past Monday. Fresh off the Pittsfield Snowshoe Marathon, he didn’t have a ton of road miles in his legs, but managed to pretty much nail his pre-race expectations with a very solid and evenly paced 3:28:45.

Dundas 5Peaks (Saturday)
Stuart didn’t take much time off after his Seaton Trail 26km from the week before, but came back with a gut busting 12km run at the Dundas 5Peaks Trail Race. The course is quite challenging and Stuart did very well to dip under an hour in this race in a great time of 58:48.

KRRA Limestone 5km (Sunday)
EJ ran an awesome race to finish as 10th female, and 3rd master, in this very competitive local race in a time of 21:57. Race day conditions weren’t ideal with high winds, which unfortunately seemed to slow some runners down by as much as 30-60seconds compared to previous years, but EJ’s time was still a full minute faster than last year!

Congrats to everyone and recover well!

My Training Summary:
This was my biggest volume week since last August and I’m continuing to feel really good in training. My long run last Monday was 4:30 and was quite comfortable. My achilles was barking for a few days following, but has bounced back quite well with more attention to rehab and using the Tanda SLD unit. I was pleased that I was able to also include some fairly hard, sustained longer efforts mid-late week as well. I’m still looking at upcoming race options and hope to have something picked out soon.

Total # of hours last week – 18:14
Total # of hours this year – 172:42
Streak – 7,426 days of running in a row
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  1. Congrats to everyone who raced! EJ, very impressive time in that wind. It was so gusty at our place, and probably by the lake in town it was even worse.

  2. It was a fun race and I really had to run it by feel because of the wind so all of those tempo runs without my Garmin really paid off. It was nice also having a bit of kick at the end to beat the clock from ticking past 22:00. 21:57 is just soooo much better then 22:00: )