Thursday, April 15, 2010

Wednesday Fun

I've mentioned before that my Wednesday night run is my favourite run of the week.

The trail that I tend to run on Wednesday is one that I run regularly, so what is it that makes this run so special? ....The company!

For the past three weeks, we have sort of started a bit of a tradition of going on a fun trail run with Sara and Heather. It's been really fun seeing how Heather really enjoys the good things about trail running and how well she has adapted to these runs. It doesn't get much better than seeing the joy on the face of your 13 year old daughter who is enjoying running for all the right reasons...mainly that of being in the woods and getting some exercise.

The fun doesn't only happen during the trail run though. Brennan takes this opportunity to explore the trails, hills and jumps in the area on his new mountain bike at the same time that we're running.

Check out the video below of Brennan flying down the steepest, rockiest hill in Yarker.

Fun times!!!


  1. Great times. Great memories. Did you cut the sleeves of the your SHA shirt? tsk tsk

  2. Yup...custom design on the shirt. Don't tell anyone.