Sunday, May 3, 2009

Week Ending May 3 (17:51)

* Congrats to JW who ran his first race ever at Sporting Life 10km and ran an impressive 40:25. Just think how he would have done if he hadn't started near the back of the pack and had to weave through a bazzilion runners;) GPS said he ran 6.5miles!

I had a solid week of running. Good volume and a couple of decent workouts mixed in. Happy to feel a little better in a long run too. Right achilles still a little stiff, but doesn’t seem to affect training. Might take it easy on the uphill tempo this Tuesday though or bump it back a little. I’ve been consistent with leg strength and ab routine for the past month and it’s helped to keep everything feeling in check. Amazing that if I stop doing these exercises, it doesn’t take long before I start feeling little twinges in my hips, knee and back. For the few minutes that it takes 2-3 times per week, it is sure worth it.

Training Log Details:
Total # of hours this week: 17:51
Total # of runs this week: 13
2009 total # of hours: 189:36
2009 total # of days: 123
2009 total # of runs: 160
Streak: 7,069 days in a row

Monday Apr 27
Running 1:02:00
shoes: La Sportiva Crosslites (42)
(AM) Took the Queen's Triathlon Club for a trail run. Nice relaxed run from home to north trail-Paudyn Loop. Very warm day. I think everyone had fun.

Running 1:13:00
shoes: La Sportiva Wildcat
(PM) North trail-Colebrooke-Cat E-Hare addon to home. Ran first 40' with Sara and then steady for last bit. Felt good.

Tuesday Apr 28
Running 1:22:00
shoes: Nike Frees
(AM) Treadmill Uphill Tempo. Warmup: 25' outdoors, 5' on Tread. Tempo: 20' continuous total w/5' each at 8%,9,10,9 @ 10:00/mile. Felt stronger than last week. Wore HRM and had HR up to 170 for 10%. Cooldown: 5' on tread + 27' outdoors.

Running 1:05:00
shoes: La Sportiva Slingshots
(PM) Nice relaxed run w/Sara on North tr-Coolbrooke loop. Felt really good and recovered after about 45' and considered adding on.

Wednesday Apr 29
Running 2:00:00
shoes: La Sportiva Crosslites (42)
(AM) Cataraqui Trail West-Camden East-DND Trails and back on the Cat. Felt a little tired, but not bad. Steady on long uphill south of CE. Beautiful day out.

Running 47:00
shoes: Vibram Five Fingers
(PM) Ran on Cat trail to Yarker Sports fields in Crosslites, then 30' easy on grass with FF's. Felt pretty good after this morning.

Thursday Apr 30
Running 1:28:00
shoes: La Sportiva Crosslites (41.5)
(AM) J&J trails checking out course for 5 Peaks. Ran steady for most, but a little quicker in places. Felt pretty good. Achilles a little tight after uphill treadmill tempo. Still working out the route and surprised how short I am. Not sure how much is from tree cover with GPS and windy turns. Will stop into bike shop and get a map tomorrow that's been wheeled.

Running 43:00
shoes: La Sportiva Crosslites (41.5)
(PM) Easy run on the Cat East w/Sara. A little tired this afternoon.

Friday May 1
Running 1:16:00
shoes: La Sportiva Crosslites (42)
(AM) Easy run on J&J trails with Sara... starting before 7am (yikes!). Nice run. Lots of rain, so trails were pretty slick. Felt good, but just starving! Happy that we were able to pretty much confirm the routes for 5Peaks. Looks like it will be 10km and 5.5km. Pretty sure that we'll use the escarpment loop for the Enduro course, even though it's quite technical. Should be fun.

Running 30:00
shoes: La Sportiva Crosslites (41.5)
(PM) Nice easy run on Cataraqui West w/Sara. Will break open a new pair of 41.5 Crosslites tomorrow. Just realized that I ran in this pair for quite a while in 2008 before I started tracking hours on them with Attack Point in 2009. They really don't owe me anything.

Saturday May 2
Running 1:30:00
shoes: La Sportiva Crosslites (42)
(AM) Easy with Sara on North trail-Colebrook Loop for the first 60' then picked it up and added on Cat East to Boundary Rd. Felt good. Right achilles still a little stiff.

Running 50:00
shoes: La Sportiva Crosslites (41.5)
(PM) Unstructured Fartlek workout on North Trail-Colebrooke loop-Paudyn loop. Brennan joined me on his mountain bike and we had a great time trying to lose each other. I got ahead on the tecnhical stuff or hills, he gapped me on the flats. Good workout and lots of fun. Felt great. Happiness is also a fresh new pair of Crosslites too!

Sunday May 3
Running 4:05:00
shoes: La Sportiva Crosslites (42)
(PM) Frontenac Park w/Sara. Slide Lake Loop from Arab Lake Parking Lot, + Corridor Trail and Gorge Trail add-on. Ran Slide Lake counter clockwise. Perfect day. Very rough footing for the first hr, but then got more runnable. Pretty wet, with lots of mud. Felt really good and got stronger as I ran. Felt like I could have kept going. Right achilles a bit stiff, but not bad. Nice to just run with a couple of bottles on a belt and use the Steripen to treat water from the many lakes along the way. Just so great having these trails so close by.


  1. Nice solid week. What races do you have on the schedule??

  2. Derrick, few comments ;)

    1) Great week. You know how to make someone feel like a slacker.
    2)Liked the idea of warm-up outside and then hill on T-mill. But seriously 6' miles at those inclines - fast and strong. I need to bow.
    3)Out before 7 - good to see - welcome to my life :0
    4) 5peaks course is sounding fun. Climb and technical - perfect.
    5) Take care of that achilles. the FF's seem to be helping mine - hope to get a solid 20' in them tonight.

    Have a great week. Bruins had a off night. No worries.

  3. David,
    1) Thanks. Fun week.
    2) Just getting back into some hills so it was only 10min miles (certainly not to be confused with 6min miles) at 10%. Not so fast or strong yet, but hoping to feel better soon. The warmup is nice outdoors as I really don't like treadmills. I just have to remember to clean off my shoes (or not run on grass) as I noticed a little pile of dirt on the floor behind the treadmill after I finished...not cool.
    3) Yeah, I know. I'm lucky as I usually work for a few hours before doing my morning run.
    4) Will try to get some photos posted in the next few days. It will be a fun course. I have been debating on having it a 2 loop course, but Sara convinced me that the technical/climb loop needs to be there, so will probably be just one loop.
    5) Achilles seems ok today, so just need to be aware and not go too crazy on the uphill stuff.
    6) Disappointing game, but I expect that the Bruins will be flying next game.

    I'm happy getting some good training in now. After the disappointment from Rock and Ice, I was thinking of trying to race sooner, but took a while to get over being sick. Probably looking at a 50miler in June/July, then Haliburton 100miler in Sept. Each year I say I should race more and that's my plan for 2010...I just honestly can't believe how many ultras some people can run in a season though.

  4. 10:00/mi much better, read it as 10MPH,(6:00/mi).

    Double loops are good from a RD view. (easier to mark and less chance of runners going the wrong way) both Fortune and ARK are, but single loop is nicer for the racers. Your call.

    Love the new picture, where is it from?

  5. D

    Great week of running. Up at the Police College in London so I am going to try out the Vulture Bait trails at some point! JW a 40 min first effort.......yikes. Is Taylor still doing the 50 at the Toad?

  6. David,
    Yes, I think the single loop will be better as long as people aren't expecting a paved road.

    Photo is from a training weekend in Adirondacks last year. On Giant Mountain...same mt as Sara's blog. Here are a few other photos...

    Should really have put a Canadian photo up, but we consider the ADK's a part of Canada.

    Lots of nice trails in London along the Thames River. Also, I if I remember right there are some shorter loops in Westminster Park on the south end. Nice trails on VB course too.

    Taylor didn't mention Toad last time we ran, so not sure.

  7. re: ADK's...
    Here is a site as a reference to some great routes.
    Also, notice the link to the Mountaineer Shop. Great shop. Drew and Jan are ultra runners who work there and can give you lots of great info on running routes. Jan ran the fastest time to summit the 46 highest peaks in the ADK's.

  8. Hey Rick -
    Ab and leg strengthening? I'm going to get you doing yoga soon. I'm a total convert. And hey, the Van. Canucks do mandatory yoga and we all know they are going to win the Cup this year (nope, not the Bruins). Seriously, can totally relate - since I started doing core strengthening stuff, my knees are so much better. Just amazing.

  9. Hey Deb,
    I'll happily keep it to abs/legs. Can't see yoga happening....but not that there's anything wrong with it (to quote Seinfeld).
    As far as the Canucks?...even less of a chance of them winning the Cup than getting me to do yoga;) Go Bruins!!!