Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Kingston 5 Peaks

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I’ve had a number of people from out of town, and locally for that matter, asking me about the J&J Cycling Trails that will be used for the Kingston 5 Peaks Race. Few runners are familiar with these trails as they are private and for use by the J&J Mountain Bike Club only. May 16th will be the exception though as 5 Peaks racers are in for a real treat! The course has absolutely everything that you want in a trail race and is sure to challenge those who race. The following is a course description, photos and a short video.

Sport & Enduro Course: 0 km – 2km
Both the Sport Course (5.9km) and Enduro Course (10km) start and finish at the Big Green Barn. The start of the race is a crazy, fast downhill for the first couple of hundred meters on a combination of packed sand and grass. Once racers reach the bottom of the hill, they’ll take a hard 90 degree turn to the right for a short climb before veering to the left for a long gradually downhill on a wide grassy trail that narrows into the woods at just past the one km mark. This should spread the field of racers out nicely before hitting the narrower trails through the forest. Upon reaching the first wooded section runners will navigate over a rocky bridge before winding through to a dirt jeep road. Taking a left, all runners will run the jeep road for a couple of hundred meters before hitting the first aid station. Sport racers will turn left back into the forest trails at the aid station.

Enduro Only 2km – 6km:
Enduro racers will continue straight past the aid station for another 200meters before turning right onto the Escarpment Loop. A long gradual uphill then greets Enduro runners, followed by the trail leveling off and winding through the most technical section of the course with plenty of rocks, roots, mud and some rolling bits. Be sure to keep your eyes on the ground! Enduro racers will loop back around and come down off the Escarpment trail to the jeep road and the aid station at roughly the 6km mark.

Sport 2km – 5.9km & Enduro 6km – 10km:
Enduro racers will then follow the same trail into the forest that the Sport racers take for the final 4km of the race. Once back into the woods, runners will be running on some sweet singletrack trails featuring packed dirt, pine needle trails, mud, roots, logs and the occasional bridge. Please be careful when going over or around these bridges. Runners will leave the forest for the final time with less than a km to go in the race. The trails widen again and you can pick up your speed, just make sure you leave a little something in the tank as the final 400meters features a solid climb back up out of the meadow to the packed sand and the finish line.

The children’s race is an 800m route that includes two loops over a fun course that includes many small turns and moguls. It’s guaranteed to plant the seed for future 5 Peaks Sport and Enduro Runners! It is also a very spectator friendly course with many good photo opportunities.

Sport Course
Distance: 5.9km
Surface: Dual track, Single Track, Grass, Pine Needles, Sand, Dirt, Mud, Rock and Roots.
Degree of Difficulty: Easy to Moderate

Enduro Course
Distance: 10km
Surface: Dual track, Single Track, Grass, Pine Needles, Sand, Dirt, Mud, Rock and Roots.
Degree of Difficulty: Challenging. Much more technical than Sport Course.

For more information or online registration, please go to

The Green Barn Race Venue...
Watch your step!...
Start/Finish area...
Fast start before single track...
Approaching the forest...
First taste of the woods...
Enduro racers start to climb up Escarpment trail...
And climb...
Some fun single track along the edge of Escarpment...
A little flat rock on Enduro...
A little mud for all...
Logs to jump...
More logs and pine needle trails...One final climb up to the finish...
Single track video on Forest Loop...


  1. Nice job D. Looking forward to it ( mind is not sure about body though) Still need to get out there some time

  2. Looks like a blast. Great description thanks for going to all that trouble.
    Quick little little edit point (everyones a critic)

    Sport Course
    Distance: 9km
    Sport Course
    Distance: 5.9km

    I'm sure Kimber could run the Sport without too much risk. :)

  3. David,
    No trouble at all as I've loved having the excuse to get out and run those trails lots recently:) thanks for the edit...I've made the change (it was typed pre-run).

    Let me know if some morning works for you. I may run there on Friday this week and possibly Mon, Tue or Thu next week.

  4. Wish I were running it. It also looks like some good ultra training trails.

  5. I would love to be there, but I've got the Ottawa Marathon (taper) Good luck to all runners and have fun!

  6. do you know how much it costs for a pass to the j 7 j trails?

  7. Beautiful trails huh!

    The J&J trails are open to mountain bikers only. I'm not sure how much a trail pass is, but you can contact J&J Cycle( for more details.


    The Kingston Salomon 5 Peaks Trail Running Race was held on Saturday, May 16 at the J&J Mountain Bike Trails on Unity Road. The Kingston race was part of the Eastern Ontario/Quebec Salomon 5 Peaks Trail Running Series.

    A total of 136 trail racers from across Ontario and Quebec competed in the Enduro Course(10.2km), Sport Course (5.9km) and Children’s Course (1km).

    Race conditions were challenging as the course was designed to test athletes trail running ability. The single track trails included grass, rock, roots, logs, hills and mud. Thunder, lightning, high winds and heavy rains, which delayed the start of the race by 20 minutes, added to the already difficult trail running conditions.

    Once the race got underway, the competition was fierce. Saucony sponsored athlete and former Ernestown Secondary School runner Taylor Murphy won the Mens 10.2km Enduro race in a time of 42:04, only 5 seconds ahead of Cliff Worden-Rogers of Ottawa. Former Sydenham High School runner Paul Chafe finished third in 43:16. Ashlee McGuire of Kingston won the Womens Enduro race in 53:14, with Kim Bowerman of Toronto second in 54:01, followed by Sophia Tsouros of Ottawa in third in 55:14.

    Olivier Lebeau of Gatineau was the first place male in the 5.9km Sport Course in a time of 26:14. Eerrik Randsalu of Toronto finished second in 28:21, followed by Dylan Walsh of Elmvale in 28:49. The Womens Sport Course was won by Solomon Sponsored athlete Danielle deGuire of Magog, Quebec in a time of 28:05, followed by Cathlin Antonello of Ottawa in 30:54 and Ann Pauze of Gatineau in 31:36.

    Age category medals were also awarded to the top three finishers in each age group. In addition, there were fun awards given out at the completion of the race to the runner who was covered in the most mud and the runner who could throw their muddy running shoe the furthest distance. Random draw prizes were also awarded.

    Complete results will be available soon at

  9. race photos are now posted at...