Monday, December 29, 2008

Training Log: Dec 22 - 28 (8:06)

Good start to the week and feeling great, then came down pretty sick. Will have to probably take it pretty easy for the next week to recover. Frustrating timing, but better than if it had happened in a couple of months from now. The new prescription dr gave me didn't help this time, so will switch back and be good for next time.

Week Ending total = 8:06

Mon/22 (2:32)
am (1:58) Crosslites/Dions. Ran with pulk to Paudyns and did one loop on snowshoes with pulk, then a second loop without pulk, then ran with pulk home. Very tough pulling, but great to get the trail packed down a little. A little tired from yesterday.
pm (:34) RAceblades/Dions. Easy snowshoe run on Paudyn loop with Sara. Nice night out.

Tue/23 (2:19)
am (1:34) Crosslites/Dions. Ran with pulk to Paudyn loop, one loop without pulk, then ran home with pulk along Cat trail to Boundary Road. Trail is in great shape now. Good run.
pm (:45) Crosslites/Dions. Beautiful night out. Snowshoe run with Sara on Paudyn loop. Opened up the upper loop to get a few more minutes. Almost didn't run tonight, but couldn't resist. Eye infection and on drops.

Wed/24 (1:54)
am (1:54) Crosslites/Dions. Fun run. Ran with pulk to store to get groceries. A few funny looks from people in the village. Then ran up to Paudyn loop and did two loops on snowshoes before heading home. Got another big snowfall and had to break trails again for a bit. Getting warm and snow quite heavy and wet.

pm (:20) Crosslites. Very easy on Cat East. Started feeling sick yesterday. Eye infection and running a bit of a fever.

pm (:20) Crosslites. Very easy run again. Feeling worse today, so will have to take it easy for a bit.

pm (:20) Crosslites. Very easy on road. Still very sick.

pm (:21) Crosslites. Very easy on Cat Trail. No better yet.

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