Monday, December 22, 2008

Training Log: Dec 15 - 21 (15:43)

Solid week of running including some good runs with the pulk and lots of snow later on in the week. Looking forward to getting some trails packed down now and spending some long days in the woods.

Week Ending Total = 15:43

Mon/15 (2:02)
am (1:22) Crosslite4. Easy run on Cataraqui Trail West. Icy in places. A little tired. Ankle not as stiff as it has been.
pm (:40) Skylite2. Easy again on Cat West. Legs felt a little better tonight. Ankle improving.

Tue/16 (2:28)
am (1:28) Crosslite4. Easy to Steady on K&P from Sydenham Road. Started in Rideau Trail uphill, but was floaded and not crazy about getting my feet soaked on a cold day. Came back and continued up to Unity Road, before turning back. Nice morning and felt good to run on something different.
pm (1:00) Skylite2. Tempo run. Warmup on Cat trail, then 30' tempo run past Curl Road and back. Footing was pretty good. Felt strong, but not fast. No real desire to push it harder. Ankle felt pretty good.

Wed/17 (2:44)
am (2:04) Crosslite/MicroSpikes. Tough run pulling pulk on Cat Trail West to Grass hill, then back to Boundary Road and home. Trail was fresh snow. Running with pulk was pretty hard with the drag on the soft powder. Pack was loaded in pulk with snowshoes, clothing, water and a little extra weight. Had to do a couple of quick repairs on pulk poles as rope that I fed through was cut from the edges of pole. Ended up having to just pull with a rope attached to sled for the last km or so. Will fix this by feeding a lightweight cable or coated clothesline cable through pole for next time. Run felt pretty good though. Got pretty tired by the end of the run and very hungry. Had a bottle of gatorade and a gel flask that helped a little.
pm (:40) Raceblades/Mspikes. Easy run on Cat West Trail w/Sara. Nice night.

Thu/18 (2:08)
am (1:29) Crosslite/Mspikes. Steady trail run with Taylor. Legs a little tired at start from yesterday, but loosened up. Ran Sandpit and along east shore of Varty Lake. Snow deep in places, but not enough that we needed snowshoes. Came back through Paudyn loop. Good run.
pm (:39) Dions. Nice snowshoe run on Paudyn loop with Sara. Just enough snow for snowshoe running. Beautiful night out. The calm before the storm.

Fri/19 (2:11)
am (1:30) Crosslite screwshoes. Nice run on Sandpit loop, then back through Paudyn's. Strong wind and snow storm is starting. Very cold on way back towards house. Snow starting to get deep.
pm (:41) Dions. Tough snowshoe run with Sara on Paudyn trails during snowstorm. Crazy wind and a ton of snow made it tough finding loop after dark. Was beautiful in the sheltered wooded sections.

Sat/20 (1:06)
am (1:06) Crosslites. Nice easy run with Sara on Petworth Road loop with rolling hills. Cold wind, but sunny. Decided to run on good footing this morning after storm, then hit the trails this afternoon. Ran with snowshoes in pack.

Sun/21 (3:04)
pm (3:04) Crosslites/Dions. Tough, tough run. Ran pulling pulk from the house in Crosslites, then switched to snowshoes on Cat Trail. Ran almost to Curl Road, then decided to turn back and head up to Paudyns. Hoping to get the loop packed down a little and get some good footing. Snow was pretty soft and deep, so slow going. Broke a good trail in Paudyns. Ran first loop with pulk, then second loop without. Nasty storm brewed up again, just as I was heading home. Felt good to get back on the road and have some more solid footing.

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