Sunday, December 14, 2008

Dec 8 - 14 (14:32)

Wasn't quite the week that I wanted. Turned ankle pretty hard on Tuesday and has been sore, stiff and weak since then. Didn't run any hard workouts this week or a longer run, but pleased I was still able to get decent volume in otherwise. Poor footing most of the week too with melt and then a freezeup again which didn't help ankle. Should be able to build up again next week with higher mileage.

Week Ending Total = 14:32

Mon/8 (2:40)
am (1:56) Crosslite4. Easy run on Hare trail, then Cat Trail west and Paudyn loop. Cold morning, but felt pretty good. Footing tough through Hare Trail going towards the west, but the east side was good.
pm (:44) Crosslite4. Easy on Cat Trail West with Sara.

Tue/9 (2:13)
am (1:12) Crosslite4. Easy at Lemoines. Was hoping to be running on snowshoes, but not enough snow in Kingston. Turned my ankle pretty hard near the end of run.
pm (1:01) Raceblades/Microspikes. Ankle pretty sore from standing on it all day. May have strained plantar fascia at the same time. Ran Cat Trail West. Footing not great from slush freezing up.

Wed/10 (2:32)
am (1:57) Crosslite2 screwshoes. Easy to Camden East on Cat trail west and a loop through village. Footing not great and ankle pretty sore.
pm (:35) Raceblades/Microspikes. Easy run pulling pulk (20lbs). Ankle still feel pretty weak, but ok.

Thu/11 (1:35)
am (1:05) Crosslite2 screwshoes. Easy run up north trail. Snowmobiles had packed down trail, so not bad footing.
pm (:30) Crosslite4. Easy run on Cat Trail West with Sara.

Fri/12 (1:42)
am (1:01) Crosslite2 screwshoes. Easy run on north trail. Footing ok in places. Ankle still pretty sore, so took it easy.
pm (:41) Crosslite4. Easy on north trail with Sara.

Sat/13 (1:50)
am (1:10) Crosslite4. Steady on Cat West trail past Curl Road. We got a little more snow, so footing slightly better. Easier on ankle, but still pretty weak.
pm (:40) Crosslite4. Easy on Cat West trail with Sara.

Sun/14 (2:00)
pm (2:00) Crosslite4. Easy run with Sara on north trail to Sandpit, then add-on on Cat Trail West. Felt a little sluggish,but not bad. Ankle seems to be improving. Hope to start increasing more again next week.

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