Sunday, August 17, 2008

Aug 11 - 17 (16:05)

Mon (1:00)
am (1:00) Raceblades. Ran Cataraqui Trail West before my weekly shift at Running Room. Felt a little tired from Tempo run yesterday, but good once I got going. (ab workout)

Tue (7:01)
am (7:01) Crosslite3. Ran from Home, Cataraqui trail East, Rideau Trail, Escarpment along Knowlton Lake, Gould Lake (saw a black bear just past gatehouse), Bedford Road to Frontenac Park. Got to FP in just under 3 hrs, then ran 3.5 hrs with Sara including a loop of Big Salmon Lake from the Trail Centre, Doe Lake, Gorge Trail, then an add-on out Corridor Trail. Very pleased with run. Felt a little rough at 3 hours, but then much better at 4hrs. Very strong for final 3 hrs. Didn't eat enough at the beginning or for breakfast. Sara dropped off some food a couple of times on my way to Frontenac Park that helped though. Ran last 30 minutes of run fairly hard and felt good. Very encouraging. Small blister on right big toe, but feet held up very well. Will probably wear 1/2 size larger Crosslites for Haliburton though with slightly thicker socks (Wigwam Trailrunner II). Right achilles stiffened up slightly near that end of run, but has been a little tight lately. Just need to stretch it a little more and massage some.

Wed (:30)
am (:30) Skylites. Easy with Sara and Siku on our grass trail. Legs didn't feel too bad after yesterday. (abs)

Thu (1:36)
am (:30) Skylites/barefoot. Easy with Sara and Siku on our grass trail. Last 10' barefoot. Legs still a little tired but felt good after.
pm (1:06) Skylites. Easy with Sara out on Cataraqui W trail, then ran steady with Sara during her 24' tempo. Felt good. Sara looked really strong and had a great one. Her last mile was in 6:45. Looking forward to seeing how her 50k goes in Haliburton.

Fri (1:55)
am (1:15) Skylites. Bad thunderstorms again today so didn't get out very early. Ran Boundary Road to Hare trails. Haven't run there in a while. A little grown over, but not too bad and didn't see much poison ivy. Ran back along Cat W, then Freeman Road.
pm (:40) Crosslite2. Night run on Cataraqui Trail West. Easy run with Sara. This was a good opportunity to test out my headlamps for Haliburton. Leaning towards the Petzl Myo XP and Tikka XP with one on my head and one around my waist. Will use the diffuser on the light around my waist for better peripheral vision, while using the spot on my head. (abs)

Sat (2:28)
am (1:24) Skylites. Easy run on Cataraqui Trail West. Started out with Sara, then added on to grass hill. Felt pretty good.
pm (1:04) Skylites. Intervals. Warmup to Cataraqui Trail East with Sara. Workout was 2-3-4-5-4-3-2 minutes hard with a 1 minute recovery jog between repeats (total 23 minutes of hard running). Cooldown jog home. Great workout. Tough coming down the ladder, but felt pretty strong.

Sun (1:35)
am (1:15) Raceblades. Easy run from Sydenham with Sara on Cataraqui Trail East. Nice easy recovery day. Left calf/shin a little tight.
pm (:20) Frees. Very easy run on our grass trail with Sara and the dogs.

Week Total = 16:05
~ Good week. Felt really strong. Pleased with Tuesday long run and felt good to come back with some solid workouts later in the week. Will start to cut volume down a little now, but continue with some quality including a hilly tempo and one more long run next week.


  1. Derrick,

    Let me know how you and Sara make out in Haliburton ( love that area, took the girls to Deerhurst in Huntsville last year)


  2. Yes, Haliburton is just an amazing area. Looking forward to a long day on the trails.

    Good luck in the Half!!